Windows 11 + Focusrite 6i6 (1st Gen) + NeuralDSP : Just can't get this to work :(

Hi everyone. I’ve been using Neural DSP succesfully on a mac for a few years now with my 1st Gen Focusrite 6i6 and love it. Its litterally a plug and play setup and works awesomely. Sadly I have to pass on my mac and start using my Windows 11 Lenovo laptop (purchased in 2022) for music - Its pretty beafy as I purchased it to use it exclusively as a gaming laptop, but I just wanted to put that out there that’s its pretty new and spec’d up.

OK, So I have looked high and low and have installed application, drivers, redone that and again and just cant understand why I cant get a sound out of the windows laptop, my 6i6 and my Archetype Plini or Gojira plugins.

I’ve read up here that I need to be using ASIO drivers…and its recommeded that you use that of your hardware in my case the 1st Gen 6i6. Went to their website downloaded it here (Focusrite Driver 4.102.4)

With that done, I went into the plugin and set the following in the first two tabs:


Then in the Audui Output/Input Channels I set these:
Output: Mon 1 + Mon 2 (which are the 1 and 2 output headphone jacks in the front of the 6i6)
Input: Mic 1 + Mic 2 (as these correspont to the 1 and 2 XLR/Jack inputs in the front of the 6i6)

On my windows settings I have chose both Speaker and Recording as the Focusrite USB assuming that I want to use that hardware to drive the recording (my guitar going into the Focusrite) and to the Recording (the headphone output on the focusrite)

… if that’s all as it should then something is not quite right as I can hear my guitar playing through Audio Interface, but nothing is going through it seems through the Plugin.

I also have tried the ASIO4ALL drivers, and set it up pretty much the same making sure the hardware to software connection was correct, but zippo.

I know this should work on Windows and I’m not saying that one OS is better than the other, but literally there was nothing to setup on the Mac side. I’m happy to do all the installing, uninstalling and checking, but I’ve just hit a dead end and I’m hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this as I’m sure the config is not all that different for others out there.

Any help is very much appreciated,… my still black (soon to be grey) hairs thank you in advance… I can post screen grabs if that’s helpful… just let me know.

P.S - Sorry for the huge write up, I just wanted to be thorough with it all :upside_down_face:


Hi Pat, really as long as your Focusrite 6i6 unit is working when you plug any other instrument into the front inputs, then the issue is not your interface or computer it has to be your output from the Neural DSP.

It looks like you’re trying to send signals from your 6i6 to the QC - Do you have anything else you can test it with to check the 6i6 is outputting correctly?

This post seems like more of a Focusrite support ticket than a QC one if I am honest, you might be better asking Focusrite support.

My current setup (with a Mac) is:
Guitar → Input on Quad Cortex > Output 1 of Quad Cortex > XLR to my 2i2 Input

My input block on QC: Input 1
My output block on QC: Output 1

thanks for your reply Jackmesser, I actually dont have a QC, just guitar, 6i6 and computer. its definitely not a 6i6 hardware issue as it works perfectly on the Mac everytime.

FWIW here is my setup on the Mac

Mac (hardware side)
Guitar → XLR to my 6i6 input → USB out from the 6i6 → USB In on the Mac

Mac (software side)
Neural Plugin (Gojira) → Audio Output Device (Default Output [iMac speakers]) → Audio Input Device (Scarlet 6i6 USB)

On Windows its kind of spits out sound, but works very poorly with the other drivers (windows audio, direct sound) just nothing at all with the ASIO (either the focusrite verision or the Asio4ALL version) driver when I choose from the “Audio Device Type” which is what everyone I have researched says to use on Windows…

This seems like a driver compatability thing with Asio and the Plugin… which is why I’ve posted here… hopefully someone can help me that has a similar setup on Windows?

A « Stupid » thing I had on Windows 11 is that I didn’t seen the notification about « Microphone Access » for my Plini Software.

So in fact the Plugin was not allowed to use audio Inputs, even if I was able to select my soundcard…

You can find the privacy stuff for Windows 11 here and check if your Neural Plugin is allowed.

thank you for your reply Victo.

I’ll try that for sure… I did make sure that the microphone was activated (cos I came across that one too) but I will triple check that link you sent and reply here with the outcome. :pray:

@Victo i did a tech check on that and everything was enabled/allowed for the Microphone…

The funny thing about this problem is that DirectSound and Windows Audio I can here the guitar, although very crappy cracking sound, no matter what buffer sizes I set. I checked over this post too – and sadly all the settings there match what I have…

@Gonzalo not sure if there is anything you can add to this issue I"m having but its driving me nuts… Surely this should be able to work on a new laptop with plenty of power, a guitar and a scarlet 6i6 on Windows right???

Is there somewhere else I can post this issue to check whatelse could be causing this isssue? Again I can post screen shots if that’s helpful… any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

In fact you should be Able to use the Focusrite ASIO without problems.

Especially on Windows 11, using ASIO is the best way to be sure that the audio signal is lower latency than Directsound or Wasapi, and also is not disturbed ny another app…

I recommend you to use the Focusrite drivers. And remove any other ASIO drivers (Asio4All or sometimes on some PC, the sh*tty Realtek Asio…).

Also, if I remember the tryout I made with my Focusrite some years ago, you have a Focusrite Control Center to route some stuff inside the Card right?
Maybe something is muted or doesn’t work the same between mac and PC, and you should try to reset the card to default settings…

Sorry I don’t have my Focusrite anymore so can’t help better.

But I’m sure it’s a « stupid » setting somewhere. (Like 90% of issue on Windows :joy:)

@Victo Thanks friend…

Yeah sadly I have a 6i6 1st Gen… the Control Center only exists for the 2nd gen units.

It might be time for me to conact Focusrite directly. I was hoping that this was a known issue, but maybe its just my system.

DL focusrite control and map everything from there, that should help fix any issues you may see