Trouble using interface on archetype gojira


I’m completely new to using guitar plugins. I have been playing guitar for about 5 years and have some good experience with music production, using ableton live 11 as a DAW. Last night I downloaded my first neural DSP plugin, archetype gojira.

Unfortunately, I have had an incredibly hard time figuring out how to use it. I currently have a yamaha thr30ii as an “interface” which my friend uses with no problems. I start up the plugin and try to select my ASIO driver, which is the yamaha steinberg usb driver, but it gives me a device error saying that I cannot use it with the plugin or saying that the “device cannot be opened.” I am desperate for help, this is the single most frustrating thing I’ve experienced with music equipment.

For reference, Im running my strandberg 8 string through a guitar cable into the yamaha amp. I have a usb plugged into the back of the amp, going into a usb port on my laptop. I am not plugging it in through a usb hub. Im running windows 10. I have a pair of audiotechnica headphone running out of the yamaha amp so only I can hear it. Mainly because I have had that thing happen where the speaker just blasts white noise for no reason and its awful.

Thanks for the help!

Try downloading the ASIO4ALL most current drivers.