A fresh start with Neural DSP

Hello dear all,

I want to download one of the plugins from Neural DSP. I’m a noobie when it comes to the recording, plugins, etc so I have a few really basic questions for you:

  1. I’m using a Macbook Pro, is there anything I need except an audio interface (like one of the Focusrite Scarlet) and headphones/studio-monitors?

  2. Am I able to play directly without recording anything?

  3. Do you have any recommendations on anything you find useful for a beginner?

Thank you in advance !!

Whats up my guy, I’m far from an expert here, but I thought I’d chime in, as I was recently in a similar situation.

Currently running guitar straight into my interface (Scarlet 2i4) hooked up to my PC. Using both headphones and monitors. The only setting I had to play with was changing my output to ASIO from windows audio, not sure if that will be an issue on Mac.

Still very new to this setup, recently picked up guitar again after a 20 year hiatus, currently only playing live as I haven’t picked a DAW just yet. Last time I recorded was on a Boss digital 4 track, things have come a long way since then!

Hello !!

Thank you for your kind response.
So, you can jam directly without recording anything, that’s nice. The recording software comes with the Focusrite product, right?

What about the latency, is there any and is it noticeable?

All Neural DSP products come with standalone application so you do not need even a DAW if you only want to jam.

yes - all have a standalone application. You can use that for jamming without any DAW.

If you want to record - use as a VST plugin in the DAW.

First of all thank you all for your comments, responses.

So as I understood it’s totally enough to have an audio interface to jam with these highly appreciated plugins.

What about the headphones / monitors? What are you using particularly and which one would you recommend?

Nowadays, I’m reading about beyerdynamics dt 770 pro’s. Do you have any other recommendations on headphones / monitors? (for max. 200 euros)