How 2 Power the QC on a Pedalboard?

I am considering a QC……I want to put it on a small pedalboard, with 2 expression pedals, and an Eventide H9 for extra Fx

QUESTION: Which power brick can I use? For example: Zuma vs. OneSpot vs. PedalPower…… I need a 12V and 3A …… but I don’t think any of the popular power bricks supply this?

I am deeply frustrated that the QC

  • Doesn’t have an on/off switch
  • Seems to have volume output issues
  • Seems to have somewhat odd power requirements

SooOOOOoooOOOoo……does ANYONE in the user community have this mounted on a pedalboard, and if so, are you using a power brick (something like the ones mentioned)

Churned in CBus

UPDATE* The Strymon Zuma - does have - a 12V output; HOWEVER it’s 5A (500 mA)

Is that an issue?

Has anyone powered a QC with a Zuma?

Can somebody from Neural please reply??

Many of the pedal power supplies are just that – designed to supply power to small pedals, typically 9-18V and << 1A. The Zuma is 500mA which is only 0.5A – not nearly enough for the QC. Think of the QC as a modeler like the Kemper or Axe FX with similar power requirements. The power requirements are not that odd given it has a lot of DSP units inside and is more powerful than any pedal. Most units like this have a power supply built-in and thus need AC power.

Regarding the on/off switch – I think that is an issue and I hope they change it so that it can only be powered on from the front touch switch as opposed to having the power come on externally.

Regarding the volume output – the trick is to set your levels with the volume wheel at MAX, and use it only as an attenuator. If you set the gain staging correct from input to output, you will see you can get plenty of volume. There are many places where you can set the gain while also not clipping:

  • IO menu: input levels, OUT levels
  • Amp blocks: master volume, vol level
  • OUT block on grid: volume level
  • Headphones: Output mix levels and HD level
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The CIOKS DC7 (or its cousin, the Eventide PowerMax) seems to be the most popular QC pedalboard power supply. It’ll power the QC using four of the outlets (combined using three parallel cables) while the other three outlets can provide a total of 1980ma @ 9V which should be plenty for the H9 and a few other things.


WhaaaAAAAaa - FOUR OUTLETS; three parallel cables?
Forgive me, but it sounds a bit like a science experiment here…… I wanted something that works as EASY as any pedal (one cord, plug it in, DONE).

It only cost an arm and a leg; and if it were EZ, I’d spring for it, but “stringing” stuff together to make it works sounds a bit dangerous. I’m out.

There’s always this.

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I’m using a Mooer Power Bank S10. This is a battery-powered power supply. It has a 12v port as well as several 9v ports. So, I can run everything. Here is a video I made to test the S10 with the QC: (2) Neural Quad Cortex /w Mooer Power Bank S10 Rechargeable Power Supply - YouTube

On my board, I have the QC, a Shure GLXD16, Boss RC-500 Loopstation, an MXR Noise Gate, an ABY switch (with LEDs), and a Boss FS7 (with LEDs), and a Boss EV30 Expression pedal (which doesn’t use any power). The S10 powers it all. One cable to the QC.

In my video, the QC ran for about 4 hours. I haven’t timed how long it would run with everything connected. But, so far, I’ve just plugged the PS in and it’s stayed at full charge for the whole show.


My IEM rig is already in a small rack (I have a half-rack mixer that gives me knob control of band mix and guitar, as well as LR pan for each), and each of the pieces in that are on AC-DC transformers. On my pedalboard I have the QC and a Freqout that require dc power, so I have put the wall wart/transformers for those in the rack with the others. I got a couple of heavy duty extensions and made a loom with them and the XLRs for the QC. It works really well so far! If that doesn’t work, I’d suppose I’ll go to a Temple or other type board and mount a Cioks DC7 underneath. For now, I’m saving the money for that and the cables it would take to get enough amperage for the QC. The rack sits face up, and the loom is about 10ft long so it will set just off to the side, where I can get to the volumes for my in-ear mix. This is the top view:

And this is the bottom lid, where the power supplies live:

I put an IEC on the side so I don’t have to open it to power the rack:

And so here’s the pedalboard…just a piece of aluminum:

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Looks like a pretty serious rig; EXTRA CREDIT for the pics in S3 in AWS (just sayin’)

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WOW!! I wish you would have shown the back end of the QC, and the power connection. It’s GREAT to see a power bank powering the QC.

QUESTION: It seems as soon as the power is turned on, the QC starts up REGARDLESS of the On/Off switch. Is that true? I’ve seen forum posts - but I’m getting mixed signals here. Why have an On/Off switch if it doesn’t actually work?

Thanks! [for your honesty] here……

The on/off switch has no effect on it powering up when plugged in. It’s a ‘soft switch’ and only turns it off.

The connections aren’t much to see between the QC and the Mooer S10 Power Bank. It’s just one cable plugged into the 12v outlet on the S10 and then it goes directly into the QC.

The sections that hold the upper-level pedals are hinged to allow access to the wiring below. The QC is on a hinged piece for the same reason.

I took some photos:

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That’s badass. Will def go this route in my current arrangement doesn’t pan out!!!

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I use a Shure GLXD wireless, and will put it on my board; I need to get the POWER thangy worked out.

The Mooer S10 Powerbank powers everything you see in my pics, including the Shure GLXD16. While it can do this on it’s internal battery for about 4 hours, I just plug it in on stage. Then, it acts just like a regular plug-in type of PS, but with the current carrying capacity to meet the demands of the QC and everything else on my board.

AWS = Amazon Web Services. It’s a collection of hardware and software that people and companies can use. It’s “the cloud”; well Amazon’s public cloud offering. Offering = $$$.

The pictures uploaded to this forum, are actually being stored in AWS, on a hard drive or a service call S3 (Simple Storage Service).

Obviously…when we load pictures into our forum posts, we don’t know, or it’s seamless - but that’s where they’re being stored.

Sorry to be such a techie nerd there…

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Hi Everyone……
Check this out: Aetos power supply by Walrus Audio. It has a passthrough 120V A/C adapter, and in addition it provides 9V 100mA for up to 6 pedals; and 9V 300 mA for 2 pedals.

I’m sayin’ Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner……

Aetos Power - Passthrough A/C

This would mean you could mount and keep the QC power supply under the pedalboard; and only use ONE power supply cable to connect up this Power Supply; and it would power the QC, and all of your pedals. In my case, I’ll be using an H9, a EHx 720 Looper, and maybe something else….

NOW….if only it would be as light (in weight) as the Strymon Zuma ;-)> Yes, I want my eat, and cake it too.


H E L P is still needed. While there are a few power banks with what I’ll call A/C passthrough (like the Walrus Audio Aetos, and Voodo Labs has a couple………

But my Eventide H9 requires 9V/12V 500 mA

Come on……… I’m open for more ideas here.

  • I do NOT want to solder
  • I do NOT want to rig something up ~ EZ/single connection


Hahaha no worries. I knew AWS but just wasn’t placing it in this context. Did not know S3, so I’ve learned something!

New power supply to complete the board. Sweetfoot pedals “Iso Base Schwartze.” You can get this in a variety of finishes and with an image of the movie on top “May the Schwartze be with you.” Pretty funny. You can order this with custom features, including multiple voltages. Mine has a QC out (12v/2A…works just fine) 3x9v/400mA, and two USB ports). He built it quickly and I had it on my board in a week…would’ve been sooner if not for USPS LOL.
Iso Base Schwartz Power Supply for the Neural DSP Quad Corteschwartz

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Hello! I’m wondering if the Voodoo Power plus 2 will work with the QC? I haven’t came across anyone using that one yet.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power II Plus | Long & McQuade