Power Supplies options

Hey there!
What Power Supplies all of you are using?

Im sitting here and struggle whit the standard wallplug. To my opinion the plug is flimsy and far away from the quality of the Quad Cortex.

I start looking around for some solutions and I have seen some solutions white CIOKS stuff.
Have some of you seen and tryed the Laney Mini-Laney PSU 12V?
It looks more reliable…

Other ideas?

Thanks for help an greetings from Cologne in Germany!

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Hi @TheBeardBear87, and welcome to the community!
Many who are powering multiple components (pedal board etc.) are using the CIOKS successfully.
For a more robust replacement of the OEM PS, I was recommended the Globtek 12v 3a PS from DigiKey, in the US it was $24 shipped. Maybe DigiKey ships international or there is an equivalent vendor.

Thank you for the warm welcome!
The Globtek 12v 3a PS looks more durable than the OEM.

I’m still hopeful that Temple Audio and Neural DSP get in touch touch and make a Thing…

In the meantime I need a solution…

I have seen some people combine the outputs of the Cioks stuff.
Works but every Connection have the chance to fail…

Again thank you for the Globtek.
What else the community use?

No worries!
One thing to note, the Globtek comes with a set of barrel tips, the QC uses the largest yellow marked tip but if you get this PS, just ensure your polarity is correct (center negative) with a digital multimeter before snapping the tip into place.

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That’s great news! Can you put up a link to the PS you are referring to? I have found several power supply’s on Globteks website, but I don’t see one with three optional tips??

I use this one - work fine

I use this one:

It’s a 4A supply, so it provides lots headroom for the QC, which requires 2A


-This Power supply from Parts Express w/reverse polarity adapter cable off Amazon works great, accepts an IEC cable and is grounded:

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I’ve spent quite a lot of time and effort, trying to obtain one of these, took several weeks to arrive and at last when it did, I was surprised it came with a tip adapter to reverse the polarity, because the unit was centre positive. It was not advertised as needing or coming with a tip adapter - does the Myvolts one you have need an adapter or is it centre negative?

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Does your 3 pin (Digikey) power supply reduce the interference noise you get with your QC?
I bought one from Amazon, that is a 3 pin IEC supply, the same as your Digikey. I assumed the 3 pin means it’s grounded, and would therefore be quieter, but to be honest it is no less noisy than the OEM supply that came with the QC…

I never had any interference noise and just wanted another more robust PS for travels etc. That being said, there were multiple people who recommended the Globtek (Digi-Key) PS and had great results noise wise so I got it.

I ended up going with Sweet Foot Pedals PS which are made specifically for the QC. Multiple options depending on how many pedals you are running.

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It does come with a polarity adapter and I do use it.

I have a Cioks DC7 that I like. I have used that with the 3 summing cables. I have but haven’t tried the new Cioks Crux and ordered a custom summing cable from Omilion audio. I know it seems like a lot but it just depends on the pedal board I use. I want to keep the wiring looking nice. I get that it’s overkill. :wink:

I’m using the MyVolts power supply, too. It has worked perfectly, so far.

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Man I think you are in the same problem than I am. My amount of noise on every single preset is everything but normal. Even using headphones or capturing with the Scarlett.

Ah, I don’t get noise on all my presets, and actually it’s worse with one of my guitars in particular. And it’s only through headphones that it’s a problem…

It’s worth being mindful with some of the 3rd party power supplies. I tried the Volts and whilst the QC worked, the USB stopped functioning. Went back to the stock power supply and all was good. Switched the Cioks DC7 and everything continues to work as expected, including the USB.