Power Blocks to power you QC

Is anybody using a power block to power there QC and if so which one do you use,
Thanks in advance QC family.

Did you find anything?

No not yet but looking for solid advice before I blow something out.

It seems the cioks dc7 is a good although not cheap way to go.

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Yes just asked support and they confirmed that also. You are correct not cheap. My pedal board consist of QC, 2 expression pedals and Sennheiser wireless. Really don’t need such an expensive power block. Ugh.

There’s got to be a cheaper alternative

I’ve been using Cioks for years, powering Eventide H9’s and other stuff, it’s ultimately the best power block ever.

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I bought a DC7 as well. Cioks is top notch stuff and the QC is worth having clean power for.

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:+1:t2:yes you are correct

I have been using a Sweetfoot power supply since I got my QC because of the hum issues they’re working on. It works great and it also powers a number of 9v center negative pedals.