Power Blocks to power you QC

Is anybody using a power block to power there QC and if so which one do you use,
Thanks in advance QC family.

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Did you find anything?

No not yet but looking for solid advice before I blow something out.

It seems the cioks dc7 is a good although not cheap way to go.

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Yes just asked support and they confirmed that also. You are correct not cheap. My pedal board consist of QC, 2 expression pedals and Sennheiser wireless. Really don’t need such an expensive power block. Ugh.

There’s got to be a cheaper alternative

I’ve been using Cioks for years, powering Eventide H9’s and other stuff, it’s ultimately the best power block ever.

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I bought a DC7 as well. Cioks is top notch stuff and the QC is worth having clean power for.

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:+1:t2:yes you are correct

I have been using a Sweetfoot power supply since I got my QC because of the hum issues they’re working on. It works great and it also powers a number of 9v center negative pedals.

Will it really work? The doc seems to indicate 3 amps, and the DC-7 supplies 500 milliamps (0.5 amps)

It does for me
It takes 4 outlets on the unit but it works


The Cioks 4 apparently works too for around half the price of the DC7
If you only need to power the QC, because it uses up all 4 outlets
Neural gave the DC7 the ok

My impression was that the Cioks 4 was an expansion for the DC7. Can it work on it’s own too?

"what makes CIOKS 4 truly unique is the fact that you can power it with anything from 9V to 24V DC, 9V to 12V AC via the non-polarized DC socket input.

Via its 5V USB C input CIOKS 4 can even be powered by connecting a USB powerbank to the unit or by using your tablet power supply.

This flexibility means that
you can use CIOKS 4 as a stand-alone unit and power it with any of the most common adapters,

such as the ones you might use to power a single pedal. CIOKS 4 can also convert an unused AC outlet on your existing power supply into 4 isolated DC outlets."

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Does this mean you could also power the cioks 4 via an mains extension socket that has usb power sockets used to charge phones/tablets??

Not an expert on this, but USB PD (power delivery) sounds like what it needs
The CIOKS 4 can convert most voltage, it just needs to output 2A minimum for the QC.

Power Delivery starts at the 5V setting and is configurable up to 20V. Using a standard USB-C cable, it can handle up to 60W, and will go up to 100W using a designated EMCA cable

So in theory you could have a small powerboard or charging station with multiple USB PD outlets powering multiple CIOKS 4 modules.

Something cheap like this should handle it (2.4A per port, 3.4A in total.)

or this (5A total)

here is my dc7 powering the QC.

I use Cioks DC 7 and it just works, no hum, buzz, etc.

It seems that the Cioks dc7 is the main choice power supply. Is there any difference (apart from the number of inputs) between the dc 8 and dc10? I ask as I found the dc8 and 10 to be a lot cheaper in price. Thanks.