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The somewhat flimsy power supply that comes with the QC is something that I look to replace. There’s a lot of talk about the Cioks DC7 + flex cables, but that’s a somewhat expensive solution. I just discovered (via TJ Walker on YouTube) MyVolts (UK based, so good for us Europeans) that provide a power supply for the QC. I’ve just ordered, seems to work just as it should, according to TJ Walker’s video. A cheaper solution than the Cioks route, at least if you don’t need extra supply for your pedals.

Nice tip. So I now boldly claim that any power supply that can deliver 12V and at least 2A and has the usual control seals in the country (eg CE for EU) should run with the GC. You only have to pay attention to the right plugs and the correct polarity. In the end, the QC is nothing more than just a computer…

The part that interests me is if you choose the “Premium” option:

“Premium option includes 3 meter long extension lead and inline on/off switch.”

That inline switch is tempting whilst we wait to find out if there will ever be an option to stop the device from automatically turning on.

I have this power supply & it’s nothing more than a bunch of readily-available on Amazon Chinese components assembled & shipped together. It works just fine & is far less flimsy than the one supplied by Neural so is a good option as a reasonable alternative without the hassle of having to worry about piecing various compatible components together yourself. I wouldn’t bother with the ‘premium’ option though, unless you REALLY want the inline switch, as the extension cable is on the wrong side of the power supply to be of any use (I.e. between the QC & the PSU; not between the PSU & the wall socket). You will also have to throw away the power/plug cable that comes with it & source a separate one yourself if you wish to mount the PSU to your pedalboard (the one that comes with it is comically short).

Correct! The issue though is that all of the power supplies available on the market with the correct voltage & adequate amperage have centre positive connections. This means that you have to also source a compatible voltage converter cable & it’s a minefield trying to ascertain which supplies have 2.1mm or 2.5mm connectors & the same issue is also there for the converter cables. This means that you might end up with an unstable connection between the two of you’re not lucky (which is why I ultimately chose to just purchase the MyVolts product & have done with it). The PSU itself is nothing special though & they sell the very same thing through a number of different listings each marketed to users of different products (just with or without the converter depending on the needs of the target device being used in the marketing of the specific listing).

…oh &, FYI, it does fit underneath a Pedaltrain Metro but there isn’t enough room to attach it to the bottom of the board with Velcro. I chose to secure the side of it it to one of the horizontal pieces on the underneath of the board using heavy duty/industrial strength Velcro & it seems to be holding sufficiently this way.

They also have a US version. I really like the Sweetfoot PS. Lots of combo options available as well. For his price you could get a PS that works for a QC/HX Stomp and even some pedals all in one nice package for less than a DC.

Thanks for all the info. I think I’ll wait for the DC7 + Crux when that’s available. I’m not in any great rush though, the stock wall wart is really just fine (for me).

A suggestion in terms of obtaining the correct center tip “-” polarity.
In my view it is very easy to just cut and switch up the wires close to the brick portion and use shrink tubing to tidy the cords strength and appearance.
Also make your cuts an inch or two away from each other so there’s not a bulk of work in one place. TO clarify, make your solder work further apart on the cord by cutting the wire lengths differently (not just on slice through them both in the same spot.

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Hello, I’m using this one from voodoo lab, 12V, 2A, correct polarity (without the need for polarity adapters), from a recognized brand and cheaper than the official quad cortex replacement.


not really, the power plugs have a different format in the mainland of Europe.