Will Neural report the big issue with the last update?

I’ve read about dozens of guys with powerup issues after the last update. And this is not minor, they have to send the unit to Finland for weeks.

It is time for neural to retire this update until is safe. Is better to aknowledge this now than having lots of people with broken units and broken confidence in Neural dsp.

You neural guys have to identify the problem ASAP and take care about this right now retiring the uodate. Now i am afraid to update and i am losing my trust in this brand.

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I haven’t seen ‘dozens’ of power-up issues at least on the social media sites I use including Discord and Unity etc. I have seen a few on Unity and it doesn’t appear as wide-spread as you note but I could be wrong. I personally actually know hundreds of owners including myself that haven’t experienced the same issue nor have been able to replicate it. As long as owners are experiencing any issues, their process should always be to email support@neuraldsp.com to log the issue and provide resolution. Also, NDSP has another facility for US repairs in California etc.

I have seen like 25 or so in fb groups related to the last update, and some more unrelated to the update. Is not a minor pain like little software bugs that happened in past updates, it is a serious problem that requieres send the unit to neural. I am afraid to update, and it is our right as costumers to demand neural to take this seriously. The worst thing that can happen to the QC is lack of reliability. Can be a certain batch, so at least the company should aware about some S/N is that the case.

I am NOT a hater, i am a concerned QC user.


Neural will take it seriously, but they need to be made aware through the proper channels. Don’t assume they’re reading this forum, or some random facebook groups. As was said above, make sure everyone with problems emails support@neuraldsp.com to ensure Neural know about it.


As far as people are sending it, they sure knows about this.

Anyway, my rant is because i am afraid to update my unit as the update seems to be related in most cases i have seen.


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Take a look guys. Just found it on facebook. That is what i was talking about. Identify, inform and fix. A general announcement will be welcome.

So i was wise enough to wait just in case lol


Excellent news! Thanks for the feedback as well as it’s very much appreciated. My only concern was to ensure anyone with the issue was escalating via the available channels of support so that they can log the issue, gain an understanding of the severity etc. I’m glad support has acknowledged the issue and a plan for resolving! :grinning:


Long time lurker here, have had the QC for a few months and indeed this update got my unit bricked. It’s probably halfway to Finland now as I’m an international customer so not expecting it back within the year.

Might have to get an FM3 in the meantime to handle gig duties.

Wouldn’t say that this has made me dislike the unit but I’m probably staying away from the plugins / for sure not going to be able to recommend this unit to others due to reliability. Had axefx for many years and never encountered anything close to the issues I had with the QC in a few months, over the past half a decade.

Added edit -
Just wanted to clarify that I don’t mean to do a hit post on QC Vs fractal. Just wanted to provide my feedback as one of many customers that reliability is an issue compared to several competing products and it’s something that needs to be addressed.


This happens on my QC every time I boot it up. I have to turn the power off, then back on the get it to boot up. I contacted support… their answer… let us know if it gets worse… if they have the fix… why not give us the update that fixes it? Their product “not turning on” seems to me like something that needs to be fixed ASAP. I call BS Neural DSP! I should have bought a Fractal product…

If the screen is blank, how on earth to perform an update when they fix this? In any case, its with Thomann right now.