Props to NeuralDSP Support - Quad Cortex

My QC had an issue with the volume pot jumping all over the place right before Christmas eve services. I reached out to NDSP Support - They were super helpful and responsive right off the bat. They told me how I could get through my weekend with the unit, and then sent me a shipping label to get it back to them for repair. Repairs were fast, and the turn-around time was amazing.

I don’t know about you all, but I have dealt with a lot of music gear “support” teams in my life. These folks are legit, and took great care of me.

Yes, I love My QC, but having a company that stands behind their gear and takes care of their customers is just as important.

Hats off to the support team. I appreciate you all!


So was this a hardware issue? My QC whenever the volume knob is set to anywhere from 50-60 the volume jumps and moves on its own, until I either drop the volume below 50 or above 60. I thought that maybe this was a software issue that would be fixed but 4-5 updates in and it still does it.

Yes sir. It was an issue with the volume pot.

I had exactly the same issue, and indeed the same level of support. It sounds like this is a pretty common hardware issue.

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