Hello Neural Hello Neural ...where are you?

Am I the only one that is aggravated about the almost “complete” absence of Neural in this forum.

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Hey @lpauls56. We’re constantly checking this forum for feedback and ideas for our products. I’m also checking the support subforum daily for related topics.

If the dev guys don’t get too involved here it’s because these are pretty busy times for all of us, but if you have some feedback for them I can forward it to the team. Just let me know or send us an email.

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Thanks for the response.
As I’m sure your aware, there are just a lot of questions out there that have not been addressed.
Anyway …hopefully launch will be soon which in itself will answer a lot of the questions.
Do you know when the manual will be out ?

The user manual is pretty much ready in terms of features and capabilities, and is currently in the editing process. It will probably be published when we start shipping the first pre-order units. I’ll ask the team to check if there’s a possibility to publish it before that.


Thank you. I will be looking forward to reading it.

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This is great news - i think having the manual downloadable or emailed to T1/2 customers prior to requesting full payment would be hugely beneficial, and simply the right and transparent thing to do. While I have absolutely no issues with putting faith into the NDSP team while all the functionality is finalised, there are simply too many ‘what does this button control’ or ‘what signal can you send to that output’ type questions floating around at the moment. It would also massively help your customer service team deal with many questions that are no doubt flying in at the moment.

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Hey guys. Just stopping by to confirm that the user manual will be available when pre-orders ship, which will be a PDF download. Additionally, the unit will ship with a quick start guide.