Updates for QC

I’m not trying to be “that guy” but as happy as I am with what the QC has so far, i’m a bit disappointed in the slow updates. I believe in the launch/pre-order we were promised “monthly” amp model updates. Porting the plugins should be underway by now, and a replacement for the cheap power supply would be greatly appreciated. Again, not trying to start a witch hunt here but at the very minimum there should be better communication regarding what was promised.


Agreed! Would appreciate weekly development updates or something like that


Also agreed! I have the QC for month now, and its just collecting dust. Still playing my Helix because essential and long time requested popular features are missing, which makes it useless for me in a live situation (eg Hybrid Mode, toggle multiple Blocks). Its a shame, but i guess i will sell the QC again. Sorry to say that Neural DSP (@dan ), but the support is really bad fort such an expensive device … :frowning:


I made this same point several days ago and i got CRICKETS. No response from Neural


True. I’ve been following this server for a while. The updates when they come are significant but not frequent enough. I was hoping for more progress at this point too.


Yes, the development is very, VEEEEERY slow and is FAR from what Neural DSP promised when Quad Cortex was launched.

Neural Engine should roll out new amp models faster, than anything (this was from Doug Castro’s mouth). But the truth is, that Cliff from Fractal Audio has been way more productive adding new stuff on his platform vs ”super duper NDSP Team and biomimetic AI”.

QC is nice and all… but Neural DSP has let its customers down with empty promises.


This thread will self-destruct in 3…2…1… :no_mouth:

There will be a ‘next update’, no doubt … it should be (very) significant taking into account the time taken since the previous one, but nothing has leaked , so we only have to (very) patiently wait …

More and more people are questioning the way NDSP communicate with people having paid a fair amount of money for a full -of-promise device, other people are taking down people that question NDSP about it …

Wait and see… I really think our patience will be rewarded, but at this point some kind of communication would be great from NDSP


If next update adds
-Plugin support,
-Better file management (both in cloud and device),
-All the promised pre-launch devices,
-Pc/Mac editor,
-Fixes the ground noise issues (we actually need prober power supply from Neural DSP, to fix this one I guess)…

IF this happens, I’ll say thank you! Finally!


Fair questions and complains here.
My main reason to buy QC is the promised ability to port the plugins, so I expect this to happen soon. The QC is great concept and I think it is a good hardware platform product for their great plugins, but still the regular updates are missing and a lot of good customers suggestions in order to improve the product are sleeping here in this forum as a future requests topics.
I believe that the NDSP will implement all their initial feature promised at the beginning of this product advertisement and as they said every company which makes a good software needs a good corresponding hardware of it and QC looks as a perfect option for them. Hope they will do it.


A year ago I thought it was fantastic to hear from the team, what was worked on and Doug was a frequent contributor. Now its almost silent and feels like Line 6 position of “well” not sharing for all the reasons we all heard before. Still like my Quad a lot more than my Helix but I do have some enthousiasm let down… Waiting game in a vacuum


I have to agree… :unamused: Based on the initial release info I was anticipating much faster updates. But then again software development and testing takes ages and I really believe they will keep their promises and deliver. I am not worried - what is already in QC is awesome and I don’t regret choosing it over Helix or Kemper. Basically the only major thing I am still missing is the plugins integration.

I also agree on the communication. I miss development notes so much. It was enjoying to read it and nice to know what is going on right now.


I remember one of the best observations I’ve heard is that the secret to happiness is correct expectations. Neural can’t really help if they’re facing delays and challenges, it’s just the normal uncertainty that happens when you work on products; you can’t know everything about the future. But radio silence is really tough because people don’t know what to expect. Is there a bunch of work underway? Are they finding QC untenable as a platform? Did they just…forget about QC? People assume the worst when they hear nothing. If they just said “here’s all the challenges we’re facing. We wish we weren’t, but we are”, I think people would be sympathetic to that.

In general though, I don’t think it’s a great look for a business to start with a lot of community involvement and then let that just taper off.


Reposting something I posted in TGP because I think it’s apt.

Love the sound of my QC. Tier 2 pre order here. Bought four plugins with the intention of using them with the QC. I use my QC live for 3-4 shows every week.

I think everyone can agree that the product launch was botched. To say anything else is to make excuses for them. Promises were made, and many were not delivered upon at launch.

In fact here we are one year later with most of those promises still being unfulfilled.

Major things such as plugin porting and the desktop editor are still not here yet. Communication has not improved.

NDSP had the chance to right this launch - they could have done so by going full steam ahead to deliver on their promises (note - promises, not unreasonable customer demands, what the company promised), but instead have honestly made little progress.

As a pre order buyer, I bought into the risk that the company may not deliver. But that doesn’t mean it won’t leave a sour taste if / when they don’t. It’s even worse when there was an obvious bait and switch, and then for it to be categorically denied as if it never happened. That’s not PR. That’s not marketing. That’s plain backtracking.

Promising product, but let’s be real. the release and subsequent updates have been anything but satisfactory. Communication went from “everything’s ok!” to “ok sorry no it isn’t” to “we promise more frequent updates” to some updates and now finally to zero.

Case in point, the PSU issue.

June 9 2021, support wrote to me saying “We have a few samples of grounded power supplies and our tests are very promising. We are testing a few in the field while we wait for the shipment to come.” and took my address for delivery of a new PSU.

Dec 29 2021, support says “We’re still waiting on the first batch to arrive.” and then proceeds to mention the global shortage of parts. Not entirely an invalid reason, but suffice to say here we are another five months down the road with zero visibility on when this fabled grounded power supply is going to arrive.

Today we see news of a majority stake in darkglass being acquired by Korg USA. Sounds like from Doug’s post that he’s stepping away from Darkglass (albeit implied rather than explicitly). Hopefully that means we’ll see more progress on the QC front, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Honestly, much left to be desired.

To clarify, I mean nothing ill with these words. Just my genuine take. Sincere words from a Neural Customer of both the plugins and the QC and who has backed the QC from almost the get go.

I remember the day I got my QC. I was so excited I called UPS to ask them to hold the shipment at the warehouse so that I could collect it. It would be faster that way. I spent an hour dialing in sounds and used it live for the first time that night. While I still use the QC weekly, I am no longer as enthralled by it or inspired by it as I once was.


Very well said! Yes, I chose QC over Fractal (sold my Axe 3), Helix and Kemper (which I also owned). And I still prefer it to the others, it is just very bad form for Neural to remain silent on features which were promised so long ago! And yes, pandemic, supply chain issues are ALL valid and understandable. But there is really no excuse for radio silence. Even if it is just to say “we’re working on it, here’s why it’s taking longer than anticipated…”.


Maybe Neural bit off more than it could chew. Lots of promises with small results and I really do like the unit so not trying to bash.


That is a great sum up!
For NDSP beeing ”the new kid” on the block with QC, it has been an interesting first year to say the least:

For the most part all I have seen NDSP to do is marketing, marketing… New Plugin release… marketing… New Plugin release and more marketing.

Quad Cortex support have been left in the shadows right after the launch. Don’t know why that is, but it hasn’t looked like NDSP is giving that much attention to develope the platform.

Like you said, they went from ”Everything is going to be awesome and we are adding this and that SOON after the launch… to *silence.

Remember ”new updates for every 8 weeks”? That didn’t really happen.

I also contacted the support about the Power Supply and got the same answer as you did. They didn’t ask my address tho… Only said to check the News section on NDSP web site…

Oh well!


I am starting to get worried about these FW updates as well, they were going to come in a agressive pace
I did think this would be a fun ride to try a new divice. But the radio silence on a lot of things is not a good thing.


And to top it off it’s not as if Neural is UNAWARE of the discontent and discord (pun fully intended).

Love the plugins, like the QC, product support is dismal.


+1 to basically all that has been said here. Great concept, great hardware, bad marketing and really worried about it’s future.

I think that the FAQ-site of the QC shows the problem really well. Just to highlight some key points here:
→ “Lasted updated: March 16th, 2021”
→ The first 10 questions or so are about preorder stuff
→ the price is still 1599$/€ (good old times)
→ “Is there a desktop controller? There will be. It will launch shortly after the global launch of Quad Cortex.”


I’m fine w/ the unit; I bought it for what it was, not what it might be someday.

That said, over decades of dealing with gear companies, it seems like a humble, engaged approach does TONS to reassure and satisfy a consumer base. Personally, I like seeing a brand address a touchy situation with a bit of humor and humility. Silence is not a good look. Deleting or locking honest conversations is rarely a good look. A little communication goes a LONG way.