Wifi query!

Has anyone paired their QC to their mobile for internet access?

Sure! Many who were unable to get access via their own providers router/modem were able to successfully use their cell’s hotspot feature.


I never was able to get my QC to hookup to my hotspot on my iPhone 13. I finally gave up on it. I ended up getting the T-Mobile home internet service and that did the trick for me (for an extra 50.00). Even though every other device in my home and in my shop could connect to my iPhone the QC would not. That together with overall weak WiFi antenna was the first hurdle I had with getting it a few months back. Have you tried to connect it with your phone yet?

´Mine connects fine but i had to remove all Swedish letters from phone name and password

Not yet. I was curious to know if it could be done easily enough.

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I have never had issues with my wifi. I use a Ubiquiti mesh system and experience zero issues connecting to my closest AP (approximately 20’). I tested the hotspot on my older iPhone 11 Pro and my newer 14 Pro Max (phenomenal device/camera btw) and got zero issues connecting and maintaining connectivity. That being said, I feel for those that are experiencing issues connecting with their wifi system and hope there is resolution soon but for me (and others), the hotspot wifi does work as intended.

Yes, I have heard it stated that the QC won’t connect to an AP that uses non-standard characters. You would have to reach out to support to determine more details.

Only use the smartphone with the QC. Had two different ones and they work very well. Downloading updates is okay fast.
A little allround tip for passwords: In countries where we have unique letters, e.g Scandinavia, Poland etc., never use them for passwords. One day you might be needing to visit an internet café in Kuala Lumpur, Egypt or Chile and the keyboards don’t have the letters for your password.


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