Wifi no detected

Mi neural cortex no funciona me sale una pantalla gris y no se detecta ninguna red
Ni de 2.4 ni de 5hz
Quién me puede ayudar

Can you restate your issue in English please? Thanks!

google translate says:
“My neural cortex is not working I get a gray screen and no network is detected
Neither 2.4 nor 5hz
Who can help me”

Have you tried hotspotting your phone as the wifi network? This works for many users.
What is the wi-fi you’re trying to connect to? Home network? How near are you to the router/modem?

(I’d try GoogleTranslate for my response but I don’t really trust it for the technicalities)

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Good tips! Also note QC does not support 5Ghz WiFi and odd characters within your SSID.
If you are still having issues please email support@neuraldsp.com and they will get you sorted.

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I already tried to connect it to my cell phone with wifi. Also home network configured to be 2.4 hz but my screen is gray does not detect any Wi-Fi network