Wifi connection issue after 2.3.0 update

I updated my Quad Cortex to 2.3.0 yesterday and have not been able to connect to wifi since. I’ve always had a bit of trouble connecting to my home network but have always been able to at least connect to my phone hotspot. Now I go to the wifi connection tab in settings and it only gives me the turning circle and never comes out of it. It shows all the available wifi connections (including my phones hotspot) but they’re all greyed out with no possibility of selecting one. As I mentioned, I was able to connect yesterday to successfully update to 2.3.0 but haven’t been able to since then. Everything else seems to work fine but with the state it’s in now, there’s no way I’d be able to update again when one becomes available.

Are you able to use the Cortex Control for Ethernet over USB?

I have no problem at all connecting via usb to cortex control. It was just a problem connecting the QC to my Wifi. I know a lot of us with QC’s have had issues connecting to wifi but my problem was that I wasn’t even getting an option to select a wifi network. Just the “spinning circle of death”. Since then though I’ve been able to connect on and off. I have reached out to Neural Dsp’s support and they’ve been helping me sort out the issue. We’ll see.