Problems logging in Neural account from the QC

Wondering if anyone has had problems logging into their account from the QC and if so how they solved the issue.
I have no problems to log into my account from my computer. I have tried starting the QC, restarting the router, Moving the QC right in front of the router, change my password, setting up a second account, send a report to Neural. No joy so far.
I was in touch with the support team on Thursday last week. We exchanged four emails and then I haven’t heard from them again. - I emailed them another four times.
I’m starting to loose my patience and considering returning the unit as I still have a few days left to do so…
Waiting to hear from any of you who has had an issue with login.
BTW, I read a hread of someone who had the issue and it was down to his wifi running on 5 MGz, but mine runs in the normal 2.4 MGz.

I suggest to ensure your 2.4Ghz channels aren’t saturated, also ensure to separate your 2.4Ghz/5Ghz SSIDs using unique names and don’t use non-standard characters in your SSID. Worst case, try to use your cell phone as a hotspot AP. Please DM me with your email and I will escalate to support for you.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have already checked on the channels and as I said I also put the unit in front of the QC, so no chance of other waves getting in the way. I’ll try the cell phone thing and PM you my email!

I just tried the mobile hotspot and it is also not working to login.

The suggestion for over saturation won’t matter if you are 1’ away or 20’ away from your AP. I would suggest to look at your channels/utilization (usually easy to do on most routers) and ensure you aren’t saturating the channel you are using with the QC. It might be as easy as selecting another channel to use for 2.4GHz etc. Thanks and I will forward your details to support and note that you are awaiting a response.