Which Archetype for EVH/Brown/80'metal/Plexy?


I am currently testing the different trial versions of Neural DSP Archetype and I love it, considering to buy one (or two).
I am more into 80’ metal/Plexy/Hair-Glam-Metal/EVH/Brown sound: which one would you guys prefer in order to near these sounds ?
I am enjoying the brown sauce preset on Nolly, but I have to say I couldn’t realy dial something close enough myself…Plini has also Reverb/Delay (which is a must), but sounds too …‘modern’ to me?

Thank you for you hints/comments/feedback !


I’d give Cali a shot. It’s definitely got some Plexi-esque tones in there. Play around with the OD2 and the Hexdrive, and I’d strongly reccomend using a 414 for the IR’s.

Cali, the others wont suit you

team cali here as well!

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Sweet! Hammmm guys, where can I find a 414 IR? is this free? or shall I buy a pack? is this something we can ‘find’ ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there! Apologies for being so vague, I was suggesting you to use the 414 mic included in the cab section of the plugin. In the bar at the top, click the ‘cabinet’ icon. Once there, there will be two bars which indicate which mic is currently selected. Click this bar and a drop down menu will appear. Select whichever mic you wish to use, and then adjust its position however you see fit, using the controls or by moving the mic around the cab with your mouse.
Let me know if you wish to know anything else, or if I’ve managed to trip myself again and this whole paragraph is one unreadable mess.

Nah, you explained it perfectly. I’d agree Cali will get OP there.

I’m liking Cali’s lowest gain amp myself but then I’m old school.

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