Additional Impulse Responses

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First of all: Congrats to the Cali Plugin. This and the Plini satisfy my plugin needs in a way I would’ve never expected (= haven’t been looking for new plugins in weeks).
I just discovered that there are additional Fortin V30 and Fortin T75 IRs coming with the plugin, which are not mentioned anywhere. Are these some secret goodies or am I missing something?




I’m in the same boat - in both cases! The Plini and the Cali are perfect for me… and I too am missing those IR’s (as well as the Aaron Marshall presets)!

I’m still on the fence. I downloaded the Cali trial. The amp and feel is great. Neural did a marvelous job. However, I have Nolly and I am able to get some similar tones out of amp 3 or 4 dialed in right while doing side by side comparisons with the same external cab IR. However, the Cali is very versatile (great Plexi tone) and extremely tempting. I got a few days left on the trial…trying to get a flubby, deeper rectifier tone. If you find it let me know!

Yeah, I’m admittedly a little confused-
I just bought the Fortin Cali and on the product page it says “The cabsim section features 125 IRs captured by Adam “Nolly” Getgood.” I’m not seeing more than the stock cab- does anyone have any insight to the “cabism” piece- wasn’t able to find anything on the website or manual…

ProgramData - Neural DSP - Impulse Responses Folder

Hmmm, not seeing anything like that on my end. Running a Mac OS

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Hmmm. went there and there was nothing.
“Neural DSP” folder does exist in my applications, but it only houses the standalone app.
Are these IRs something downloaded separately from Neural DSP or should they have downloaded with Fortin Cali?

@loganressler They are bundled with the installer. Try reinstalling the Application and be sure to check on the correct location (Do not confuse it with the User Library).

Thanks you very much :+1:

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