Using archetype in modern worship

I’m looking into going ampless to play at church and many of the current amp sims are either not great or far far far too expensive for their use as plugins.
Does anyone here use archetype for modern worship in the likes of elevation worship, bethel or hillsong (rock, blues and ancient tones)?


I use Neural DSP plugins for worship music, I own Archetype Plini, Wong and Gojira (and some single ampsuites). I mostly use Plini for Worship, which works perfect for me. Great ambient sounds, love the clean and overdriven amp, those 2 I use the most. Wong is also great if you like to use different types of overdrive and compression. I am now trying to combine Neural DSP with plugins from Arturia (delays, reverbs and modulation fx) in Gig Performer, can’t wait to try them out. What do you use for your live setup?

I haven’t done worship in years but I used to do it at a 3400 seat venue. IMO, Wong is all you’ll need. Can cover any style with three amps and three cabs. Has delay and shimmer-verb on the post FX and compression, decent distortions on the pre-FX. Plus it has a very realistic wah, a cool envelope filter for when you want to have some fun. The clean sounds are just fantastic and it has a very fat overall sound regardless of tone. I would feel 100% comfortable doing big venues with this alone and a decent guitar (or three). If you’re into ambient sounds, maybe run Wong inside Cantabile live performance host and place either Cloudseed or Valhalla Supermassive (both free) after Wong. Both are top shelf for ambient and you aren’t going to get anything better by paying, maybe different, but not better. Plini makes Plini sound awesome, but it never clicked for me. Wong is about the only ampsim I actually like as oppose to simply tolerate.

Hey bro! I play at hillsong city in sydney! good to have peeps that use it live at church cause we can see what works lol. Cory Wong’s stuff is dope, as I prefer clean tone and breakup. I wish I could have it on my Quad Cortex. Thing is a beast.

Best to sit with your FOH guys and work out how it sits in the mix. What i’ve found is sometimes when it’s thin it just doesn’t sit well with everyone and it gets drowned out.