Muffled tone with Nolly. Help!

I have spent so much time on this lately and I just can’t seem to figure anything out, so I’m hoping someone here will be able to help me.

I recently purchased Archtype Nolly after being really impressed with the sound he got with it in his mix breakdown video. For some reason however, even when I use the same preset as Nolly, my tone sounds incredibly muffled and lifeless. Like it has a giant blanket over it or something.

I’m using the exact preset he is using in the video, with the same EQ settings. I know he has some different plugins on the master; I’ve got a similar EQ that he used in his full stock logic plugin mix, as well as Submission Audio Flatline as a limiter, so I’m at least in the ball park on that front. My “Jam Your Heart Out” as well as “Prog Metal Rhythm” and frankly every single tone I try to get is muffled and darker, and really just doesn’t sound good, which honestly leads me to believe there’s something with my DI or interface or whatever.

My signal is my PRS Custom 24 w/ SD Alpha/Omega pickups into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, using Input 1 with the gain quite low (not clipping at all) with the instrument input enabled. I’m going into my 2015 Macbook Pro and using Logic.

Here’s some audio of me chugging with my DI

Here’s the same audio with Archtype Nolly on the “Jam Your Heart Out” preset.

Can anyone help me clean this up and get closer to the tone Nolly gets?

Yeah the demos sound great! I’m having the same problem. I tried other neural plugins and no issues. Just Nolly.
Maybe the plugin doesn’t interact well with our pickups interface or something? Idk

I dunno. Maybe we just need to get a better interface… I’m finding like no one that seems to have the same problem, everyone I see online just raves about the sound of this plugin. I’d agree if it sounded like what I was hearing in demos!

I have a Scarlett too but idk some people use the same interface and get good tones. It could be lots of things that we just don’t know. Have you tried another neural dsp plugin?