Quad Cortex questions

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Why is a SPDIF output not included?

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Will there be a native vst version of this in the future?


Hey guys. Congrats on the upcoming release. Will there be DAW recall for the Quad Cortex?

Are there plans for multiple splits per path? Will you include a mix parameter on all the blocks, at least the drives?


I would like to know if there will be a VST plugin available like the Helix Native…


Is the neural capture ready?
Will you show some A/B testing?


How is processing done? Is it using regular CPU, or are there programmable DSPs? Have you considered using/buying custom DSPs or using FPGAs for accelerating audio processing?

was the audio we heard in the announcement video recorded from this device?

Can My bandmate guitarist and I connect to the QC directly to the desk with just ONE unit? Thanks

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± 0.002 cent accuracy strobe tuner?
Digitech Freqout feedback style effect?
Clever Zuul like noise gate with virtual key input?


Hello! During the Q/A today (1/13/2020) I had asked if it were possible to use all available DSP for a single chain. You saw it and responded by saying that it might be possible, and you would like to, but you weren’t entirely sure.

I was thinking about it and want to put forward a potential solution, maybe?

Would it be possible, instead of utilizing all DSP on a single chain, to send the signal to the next chain, almost like you would use a bus in a DAW? Maybe this would let you use all DSP without having it active on one chain? The only fear then would be latency, but maybe thats a non-issue.

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Do you have information about accessories?
(Eg power supply, USB cable, etc.)
If a power supply is included, does the corresponding voltage and cable specifications change according to the destination?
(Does the pre-ordered user need to prepare something in advance?)

In the Q&A 48kHz and 44.1 were mentioned. Why not 96/88.2 kHz? Would help in keeping latency lower assuming you have enough cpu…


it was said in the Q&A that neural would provide us with a list of recommendation: which powersupply to get in case of replacement or just as a backup

Taking in account the unit has a built in wifi receiver, will it be possible to change parameters (Program changes, control changes for e.g as in MIDI), wirelessly via wifi?

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Yes, that will be possible.

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Will the QC need a customized foot controller like Kemper or Headrush?

How many USB ports will be available on the workstation, in and out the Quad Cortex?
Will there be direct guitar access to the quad inputs on one USB port?
With the Line6 Helix, we are able to output a processed audio signal to a computer and insert an another audio stream from the computer to the Helix. Will this also be possible with the quad cortex?


I’ve seen the Q&A livestream andI just saw the first video from NAMM. We can now see that a lot of work still needs to be done. I’ve heard a lot of good thing about Neural DSP delivering quality products. But I must say I’m a bit worried about the timeline. Are you guys really confident you can ship the QC in september?
The work that has to be done, is it just doing things you already know how to do or do or can you run into surprises like Fractal has? I’m curious how you decided on september since you”re not even sure about all the functionality.
Hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks.

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