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Just to keep everyone excited! I know that I am!!! I heard that the manual will be released next week I believe. To me it feels like since influencers are receiving theirs…worldwide shipping has to be just around the corner!

Ola unboxes his here and riffs a bit.

Ola unboxing and riffing

Nolly makes an AIC’s style tone

Rabea riffs

Tom riffs a bit in these

Matias doing some riffs

Acle seems to have used it for the Portals show Tesseract did. Looks like a capture of the Axe Fx II


Eric Arkö tries to overload the QC CPU with a bass preset

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Who told about the manual release? Regards d.

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The man himself


Oh well, still waiting for someone who puts the QC through its paces with clean and low overdrive sounds. Also, going through some bread and butter efx algorithms would be nice, like reverbs, delays, compressors (does it keep up with my AX8 which I sold a long time ago) And while were at it: Did anyone ever try it with acoustic guitar as well, as the QC has the preamps for this on board?

The more I listen to the influencer vids, the more I ask myself if I am the only one who does not care about metal, djent or high gain stuff?

If you know about examples (except some short video parts from NDSP some months ago) that go into my direction, please let me know.


it’s kind of like there needs to be a Cooper Carter for the QC. :sunglasses:

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I’ll volunteer! I just need someone to send me a QC :joy: :rofl:


Only if you do clean to breakup sounds and acoustic guitar. No metal or highgain allowed here ;-). Heck, I should do this myself, now where is my influencer certificate?

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Deal! I live in that area for what I do at church! I can’t wait to remake all the presets I have for praise and worship tracks that I made already on my AX8.


Same here. My QC will be used almost solely in church and at home. I love metal and high gain tones and push the “limits” at church as much as possible.


I’m pretty much in the same boat but I’m currently working on a new heavy rock project that I’d like to play shows with…if some form of normalcy ever happens again…I just wish normal was a thing again.

What. Still no new content? What’s wrong guys with the units out there? Can’t you stop playing or are you already disappointed? Come on bring them on, we want videos and sounds.

There’s an NDA in place preventing those videos from being released, presently (fact). The youtubers who have these units are dying to cut those videos loose for clicks & subs.

Virtual namm is next week. Neural announced cortex and rented a booth to show it off last year. Making a splash with primo content during namm week would make a lot of sense.

Doug also said the manual should come out mon / tues. All indicators suggest we’re super close to release, finally get some great content next week and maybe / hopefully by the end of the month they start shipping.


Anybody spot the manual?

Supposed to be Monday/Tuesday I think.

Ok thx, i was remeber that it should be within the current week

You know we are a bunch of nerds when you see everyone eager for a manual :joy:


Hehe…well, you might be right

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I’m looking forward to reading the “How To Make A Capture” section of the manual.

I have an early 80s Mesa Boogie Mark II-B with a Celestion Neo Creamback loaded Port City 1x12 OS cab that I’ll definitely want to capture… I assume I can do clean, crunch and lead versions of it…

but how will we capture pedals?.. there has to be an amp and cab involved I assume.

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Nope. Can capture an amp on its own using a load box. Or u can mic a cab. Or just a pedal on its own. Or any combo of the above. There are on-screen instructions that tell you how to hook it up.

Think of it like an fx loop except the cortex is the amp. You send the capture ‘signals’ out just like an fx send, and then u dump it back through the return. A capture block will consist of the entire signal chain sampled.

I am most looking forward to captures without cabs so I can use the handy dandy onboard virtual ones instead. I bet nolly’s ir’s are gonna be wayyyy better than anything I shoot myself.

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