You Just Received Your QC - Was It Worth The Wait?

The Tier 1 announcement email has been sent …
Come on real world - gush, complain, hype … do your thing!
What are your real world first impressions?

My first impression is 'Where is my email?".


Ha! I was actually putting this up as a placeholder for now, so that the expected conversation would have a place to go.

I am in Tier 2, so I am excited to hear some actual first impressions less the PDAMH (“professional demo artist marketing hype”)

Well on my side you can count on a very hyped and unprofessional video in the very near future, paid my tier 1 a few hours ago


Well … I’m in CA, so I’ll have to wait …

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Waiting with eagerness and anticipation!

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!st gig in a year …April 9th. Hope I get it before that.


Gigs … I remember this “gigs” … :pray:

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Anyone gotten their delivery notice?

I am tier 1 batch 1 and live close to NDSP but havent gotten it yet.

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Anyone Tier 1, Batch 2 received their payment notice yet? I thought it was expected a few days after the Batch 1 release?

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Got my delivery notice! I suppose they will invoice batch 2 next.

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Patiently waiting for dealer shipments. Well sort of patiently. :joy:

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Looks like next week for ROW Tier 1 payments ! Thanks Doug!

Received mine yesterday. Preorder #885.
The pros

  1. I think it is usable and the amps sounds great.
  2. I was able to create usable presets quite fast.
  3. There is a keyboard to enter names :slight_smile:
  4. The encoders feel good
  5. I did not feel the need for compression, but it sounded even better with it :smiley:
  6. liked the size
  7. spacing of footswitches seem to be usable by foot, but needs to be tested more

However, the issues i have are making me think to return it to wait for a more rounded iteration:
I did not like Paul Davids review that much BUT I found a lot of his issues almost immediately as annoying and moreover I’m a little concerned that Neural DSP did not seem to have commented on that video. So it is unclear to me if these issues will be addressed in the foreseeable future?

I’m not interested in being overwhelmed by the exchange of a myriad of presets and captures that seems to be just a distraction to the purpose of this tool to me. I know the capture process is great and all but this is really to “low level” to me. I love that the cab IRs are great already and that I don’t have to use my own like I did with my Helix. I’m mostly interested in a curated list of the best possible pedals, combos, boxes, amps and rack fx with great default settings and sensible tweakability. Some pedals are missing and some are not there yet.

  1. I think e.g. the highend should be tameable with a global eq. Maybe some presets were done with ear fatigue? This would also be very useful for adapting it to different venues.

  2. The touchscreen is not as responsive and reliable as hoped, so I’m not that impressed with the ux via the touchscreen. often need double clicking buttons are to small (e.g. done) ore to near (save in the keyboard)

  3. not being able to scroll via the encoder right next a list is annoying.

  4. The effects are limited in selection and fuzz is really missing, the only fuzz preset I found so far seems to be achieved with a lot of tweaks (removing all the bass in every device). And I know fuzz cannot be captured at the moment.

  5. The captures sound good but they are not distinguishable in a preset.

  6. The preset chain does not give enough information at first glance. There should be more distinct symbols overall and preferrably some short txt to indicate which model ist used.

  7. I liked the synth chord presets, achieved with resonanting filters BUT you cannot change the chords because the device does not allow the steps to be fine enough. You cannot even get back to the original note.

  8. Circular motion should be finer when you drag away in the touchscreen.

  9. modulation lfos should be syncable to global tempo

  10. I watched a klon (clone) shootout yesterday and I don’t think the modeled klon comes near to any of the contestants. It’s not that I need that specific overdrive but I’m not convinced by the overdrive pedals so far

  11. amps/combos should be usable as package (amp+box+fx (e.g. trem +reverb)), while producing/making music I don’t want to build everything from the smallest parts, instead I want to get “known” packages together. I know this does not fit that well with the current structure, but as you know form follows function not the other way around.

  12. volume encoder pops up without usage.

  13. did not like the phaser

  14. The most important issues to me are that the output selection is not flexible enough. Either allow multiple outs (like helix) or alternatively assign a main output (like rme).
    This is almost a showstopper, because I cannot simply replace my helix at home and in the rehearsal room because at home I use jacks and xlr at the rehearsal room. Using the factory presets at home is impossible in my current setup.


Thanks for your review. On your last point about the output, are you saying you cannot run say 2 monitor frfr cabinets,(1/4 inch out) and also run a 3rd XLR cable to the PA at the same time?. if so I don’t understand that line of thought.

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Hi Guitarman, no I’d like to use it in stereo at home over jacks into my rme UFX and over mono xlr to a single frfr at the rehearsal room. I’d either like to define an output of a preset line as going to both xlr and Jacks or something like a main out that can be defined globally. As it is v1 of the os I think I’ll just buy some cables for home if I keep it

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This is the type of review i like, thank you very much for the honestly!
Im in the 2nd lot and if i get it before a run of shows in April (doubtful) ill definitely post my feedback!

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Just had my QC on Friday evening. Here some observations based on a couple of hours of use (no profiling yet)

Good things

  • Very easy to use, practically no need for manual
  • Very easy to build presets
  • Sounds very good out of the box
  • Display is responsive although my calluses do interfere a little bit
  • Scene mode is very powerfull. I built a preset that has both marshall and fender amps and scenes from fender cleans to marshall leads
  • Looks ace!
  • Changing presets is faster than I expected!

Things to improve

  • Tried with two different headphones and through FRFR speakers. Sounds very different through each of them. Need to have global eq is apparent
  • Fuzz tones / fx practically non existent, need more options here. ( Or maybe I did not try enough yet ). EDIT: there is fuzz pi, but I feel it is not enough fuzz!
  • After software update I lost sound… an extra reboot fixed this
  • I can see the need to be able to make global output setting, such as globally copying / rerouting outputs instead of doing that on the preset
  • Selections from long lists could be improved (amps/irs/fxs)

And to add, I feel like it was worth the wait and money!


I got mine on Friday 19th. definitely worth the wait :slight_smile:

I really haven’t done anything much that tested some presets,
changed and saved some to personal presets.

I do like the scenes feature - it makes up for the audio gap in preset switching.
So if I can keep a song with max 8 different scenes then it it is all good.
On the other hand , one needs to set the amp settings manually for each scene.
Or I just didn’t eat learn how to copy scene over to another scene.
EDIT: yup. did some RTFM on the scene copying . it is there and so simple to use :slight_smile:

I contacted support on couple of items, the response time was superb , only a few minutes
on a Sunday ! remarkable !

Now I’m eagerly waiting to get the nameless suite plugin to QC :slight_smile: