What speaker will you use for home practice or band reherasal

Hi guys, I have a QC on order. I have never had a modeller/profiler before. I play at home, no volume constraints. I also practice with a loud music group.

What speaker should I get. I fancy a 10 Yamaha PA. I do not intend running this through my amps. I hope to some extent that it will replace them. My amps are going nowhere but I just hope to simplify things and enjoy more opportunities.


I’ve used several speakers to run my Ax8 and Kemper stage. Yamaha DRX, EV zlx, Headrush (FRFR). None particularly stood out. I now use a Mission Gemini. The only difference I have between the Studio and live is I do tweek the cab simulator dial on the Mission to respond to the increased volume and lack of reverberation when doing outdoor gigs.

For me it depends on the situation. For home practice, I play through some 8" studio monitors or headphones. If I need more volume, I have

  • QSC K8
  • Atomic CLR
  • Line 6 PowerCab

Which one I take depends on the situation. If I had just one choice, it’d be the CLR but that might be more than you care to spend. What’s your budget?

Thank you guys,

You are obviously real musicians, I am not. I am a very committed learner.

My max spend would be £500.0O.

I was thinking a Yamaha DXR 10


since all the guitar amps and cabinets are virtual the easiest way to look at this is you just need a playback system that is full range flat frequency… which is what most PA speakers and studio monitors are.

Following BobbyLane99’s comments take a look at the Headrush P12 FRFR speaker. A lot cheaper than the Yamaha or the EV.

I’m using a pair of FRFR108s by Headrush for my current rig… and hopefully they will be hosting a glorious QC in the not too distant future.

Bobby, do you think 2 8 inch is better than 1 12. Do they have bottom end.

Currently using a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170, into a 2 x 12 Friedman with my Kemper stage, cab IRs off. My Kemper rack is spdif into my Lynx E44, out through my reference monitors.

I plan on using the Powerstage/Friedman setup for the QC.

My Tech21 Power Engine Deuce Deluxe.

I was going to get the 12s but my rep talked me into the 8s and I like them a lot… they sound great are portable and light… I may someday in the future upgrade to either iQ10 by Turbosound or K10 by QSC… but for the price it’s hard to beat the Headrush… and the reason I have 2 is to have a stereo playback stage rig… and yes they have lots of bottom end if I want them to… but I roll off the low end around 100 Hz.

I have got the same doubt here about Headrush FRFR 112/108… I play bass, so I decided to go straight fot the 112.

But I still have some doubts…

Will I need a preamp if I use it with a external mic?
Will I need a DI box or Preamp if I use it with a bass?
Could I use line signals?
Does it has phantom?


No you don’t need any of that. Just output from the QC to the HR and ready to go. :wink:

My friend has a single 8 inch HR for bass he said it is fine for a home player. He sees no need to upgrade. But he would have bought 12" for playing out.


Yes, I know… With QC there will be no problem. But what about if I use it without the QC? What about if I want to use it like a PA speaker, for example? I think I would need to use DI Box or preamp, wouldn’t?

That’s what I imagined… Thank you for your opinion!

I’ve played bass gigs with my Headrush FRFR-108. bass straight in. small venue. variety music. worked fine.

Quad Cortex (Cab IR Off) → Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 → PRS J-MOD 2x12 (Celestion G12-65 Heritage)

Currently using this setup with my Kemper.

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I purchased an Atomic CLR around a month ago and so far I am very pleased with it. I will probably buy a Yamaha DXR-10 also for reference. I’m on the waiting list at Sweetwater for the Quad Cortex. Patiently waiting for the call they have them in stock.

I don’t have a QC (yet) but I have used an Atomic CLR with other modellers and it’s pretty good. My band mate has a Yamaha DXR10 and it’s also quite nice