Harley Benton FRFR112A any good god Quad Cortex?

Just ordered my QC (woooo) and was wondering what FRFR speaker to get.
I’m going to be playing at home as well as doing gigs. I plan on using the FRFR as a wedge monitor for venues that don’t already have them.

I’m looking at the Headrush 112 but it is quite expensive new.
There is the Harley Benton FRFR112A that is only £230 new. Are these any good? How do they stack up to the Headrush.

Other suggestions welcome (budget considered).

I have heard some great things about the HB FRFR. I wish they were available in the US but shipping is almost half the cost etc.

They have a US store on Reverb but no FRFR offers on there.

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What kind of music are you into and how do you plan to use it (i.e. Death Metal-big stages, Yacht Rock-bedroom)? The Headrush FRFR108 is quite potent. Reasonably loud with decent low-end extension. They’re about $250 in the US. They’re not as loud (or bassy) as the FRFR112 but I think they have flatter response, especially when positioned on the floor. The FRFR112 can be pretty boomy.

@PickinPete I’m playing metal/shoegazey stuff like yenno just that kind of metalcore.
Playing a 300 cap venue soon but hopefully some bigger ones in the future. Want to use it as a floor monitor, in rehearsal rooms and as well as what I use at home to jam.

I was thinking the 108 but wasn’t sure if it’d be loud enough as some people said they needed the 112.

Also looking into if I can find a Powercab 112 for cheap used.

I’m running two 108s in stereo and have more power than I need but our band keeps a relatively low stage volume and lets the PA do the heavy lifting. I’d guess that’s not an option for your band. The FRFR112 has the same power rating as the 108 but I assume the 12" low driver is more efficient than the 8" and I’m sure the 112 would give you more chug power, especially at lower tunings. I’ve never had any experience with the Line 6 cabs. Keep in mind, you’ve spent significant money for a premium processor. It doesn’t make sense to go cheap on a mediocre cab. If you dial in your presets using a cab with uneven response, they’re not going to sound right running direct, through the PA or for recording.