Speakers for Quad Cortex

I’m looking to upgrade the speakers I use with my QC. Right now I’m using a pretty conventional 12" PA speaker. Definately looking for something top end, worthy of investing in. Is anyone getting an amazing result? If so what are you using.

I bought a Headrush 108 FRFR speaker, which sounds great and thinking about picking up a second one. But honestly, My Presonus Eris studio monitors sounds amazing with the QC. For a studio setting, a decent set of studio monitors are plenty. In a live setting, you probably want an FRFR speaker or two.

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For home use I’m just using some Bose headphones, but for a live application I’m using a Laney FR212 speaker cab. 800w of power and the most ‘visually pleasing’ look of the FRFR cabs out on the market at the moment!


I bought the ATOMIC CLR WEDGE. It sounds really good. I also bought the Yamaha 10” pa top. I usually just use it. I’m thinking about selling the Atomic wedge though it does sound great.

I am on a Headrush 108 FRFR, too. It sounds great

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Friedman asm-12. very happy

I was considering the asm-12. I heard that at low volumes it is very dark. I play pretty quite at home. Is that the case?

I’m considering getting two Tech 21 Deuce Power Engines. I like that they are only 25 pounds each and I’ve had good results with Tech 21 gear in the past.

I’m using a Kemper Kab…sounds fabulous.

I use a Line6 Powercab 112+ or 212 depending on the gig. Seems to work very well with QC. I use Powercab in FRFR mode only, relying on cab blocks in QC for speaker tones. This eliminates the need for any MIDI connection between QC and Powercab. Works great for acoustic tones from QC too.

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Most amps have an “amp-in” on the back. This bypasses the pre-amp stage but you are using the “amp stage” and the speaker… With that in mind, you can go with that or, like others have mentioned, an FRFR speaker. I also have the Headrush. I don’t think it’s what you’re seeking when you said, “worthy of investing”. There are better! Have fun!

Hey how are you liking the laney fr212? I am thinking of buying the 112 for home use. You think it sounds good and do you think the 112 would be ideal for home use?

Using Mission engineering gemini 110W 1x12 Powered Cab, Sorry but nothing sounds like this Mission, with the EmPOWER knob you can dial in the cab in the room tone like nothing else out there…

Anyone using similar frfr setups for bass?

Hey there! Yeah I’m a big fan of it, the loaded IR’s are fairly good, but the FRFR portion is what I use it for and use my own cab blocks on the QC. It’s light, loud, and looks pretty decent on a stage.

The 112 would be great for home use and you could quite easily gig with it if you needed to - win win!

I’m using the Laney FR212 for bass. Handles the low end real well and no complaints from myself or the various bands I play in. The DI out on the back of the cab is a huge pro point for me and sound engineers when gigging, they love it. Hope that helps!

I am using Dynacord AXM12A. It sounds warmer then the Mission Engineer Gemini which I had.

I bought a custom 1X12 FRFR speaker from Xytone. Mick Farlow was very help in spec’ing it out based on how I would use it. I’m very satisfied with the results and highly recommend the process.

I own Atomic CLR, RCF NX12sma and XiTone wedges.
All are excellent with the QC.

I bought two Tech 21 Deuce Deluxe Power Engines to run stereo. One got here and sounds AMAZING, the other is still lost by FEDEX, the same shipper that took forever to get my QC to me. lol. :slight_smile:

If the second ever shows up, I’ll make a video. I have three solo gigs over Halloween weekend, so I make make a video of my DJ rig before then, which will have my QC.