Active Speaker for Bass

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Bass player here. Excited for what I can do with the QC for guitar, and knowing Doug I’m sure this thing isn’t going do disappoint.

For live shows at some bigger venues, my plan is to plug into the return end of my GK MB800 and into my GK NEo212 cabinet, bypassing the GK preamp and using it as a power amp. However, that’s not going to fly at home with my wife, or even for smaller gigs in pubs

I’ve been considering a Headrush 112 FRFR seeing as they’re affordable, and i’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Before pulling the trigger, i was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations?

Looking for a small FRFR active speaker (think bedroom practice size) for bass with QC


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I’ve just ordered 2 Headrush 108 FRFR cabs, mainly for guitar but I will be using bass on this too.

I chose the 108 because it’s slightly cheaper and some reviews said that the 112 was a little too bassy/muddy in comparison. Unfortunately I can’t say for definite as I’ve never actually plugged them in and tried them myself.

Hope this helps

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I use the Headrush FRFR-108 for my guitar setup (pedal board > Torpedo C.A.B. M+ > Headrush) and I like it a lot and plan on getting another once I have the QC… will I replace it (them) with a QSC K series or Turbosound iQ series someday?.. probably… but for now it’s fine and you can’t beat the price.

I’m a bit old school so I have bass cabs and a power amp but a professional bass player I know uses Yamaha PA active speakers with his Helix.
I’m gonna ask him the models and post it here.

I am a bass player too, and I did think about some similar too… I have never tried FRFR cabs but I think they would be perfect for guitar players, not for bass players.

Our “amp sound” it’s usually very influenced by the bass reflex in our cabinets, and by the sound pressure that a bass cabinet offers.

I don’t mean FRFR don’t work correctly on bass. I only mean that, probably, they will function better for guitar than bass players. I mean that I probably miss a real bass reflex in my cab instead an IR, too.

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I have the Harley Benton 112 FRFR and found it more transparent than the Headrushs.

I use the Tech21 Power Engine Deuce Deluxe. It’s a 200w active single 12" FRFR. It can run a single 12" passive FRFR extension cab, too. It works for me due to its ability to be a single 12 for at home practice. I can run the other 12 for “more”. I can even get a second set if I need four 12’s with 400w of potential power. …but, for bigger things, I just direct to FOH. If I needed “bigger” more often, I’d probably be more interested in powered 2x12 cabs.