What kind of pedalboard are you guys using?

Got mine set up now with the powerbank.


Use a

Hi, still waiting for my QC but allready have the Temple Audio Solo18. Can somebody of the Solo18 users post a picture from the back of the board when it’s fully wired? I want to get a feel for how far the plugs protrude in the back.

If you have the lighting for the board, I’d also be interested to know where you put it (front, back, vertical rather top, bottom or center).

An update on my Templeboard setup. Removed my huge expression pedals in favor of two minis, added a Precision Drive, and left some space for a future Microcosm.

Is this the duo 24?

Yep, that’s the Duo 24

That looks so awesome. It’s exactly what i want to do with mine. Is that a wireless unit on the bottom? I assume it’s attached to one of those reinforcement brackets they sell?

Correct! The Duo 24 includes one support bracket, and I bought one extra. Mounted the Cioks to one and a L6 wireless to the other. Wireless works great on the bottom since you don’t really need to interact with it, and it makes cable runs really easy.

Can you mount the Cioks to one of the Mods on the side? I’m new to this temple audio stuff…

The DC7 I’m using mounts to any of the holes on the top or underside of the Templeboard. They sell one called the Hi5 that fits as a mod. Just depends on how many of the ports you need (the QC needs 4 of them).

Updated I am now powering with a Sweetfoot ISO Base Schwartz Power Supply

is that a custom board? very nice - I just ordered the solo 18 thinking it was 2 inches longer than the metro16. Oops. :frowning:

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Yeah it’s just a sheet of 1/8" aluminum with handles and feet. Cheap and easy!

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Rockboard by Warwick Tres 3.1 with a Rockboard sound MOD1 and flight case. Compact enough to center the QC with room for volume pedal right and Expression pedal left. Cheers!