What kind of pedalboard are you guys using?

My problem is that I run with the QC, a Whammy DT, a tuner pedal, a wah. The board starts needing to be on the large side for only a few things and it gets awkward. I just put everything on the floor for now. Maybe I’ll do two smaller boards. One for the tuner and whammy DT, one for QC and wah.

I’ve been looking at that exact board. What are you using for power?

I’m using 12V myVolts Premium Power Supply {compatible with Neural DSP Floor Modeler Quad Cortex} also have it wired for the powerpack using the Mission 529m as back up, great if there’s bad mains or interference. The link for the PSU is - UK 12V myVolts Premium Power Supply compatible with Neural DSP Floor Modeler Quad Cortex

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This very simple pedalboard handles all my gigging needs. I use the MC8 to switch scenes, and QC to control stomps within scenes. Its more complex and bigger than my Helix, but I think it sounds and functions better. I’m running this into Powercab 112+ or 212 depending on the gig.

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Hi Golw
Very nice setup ! ! !
How can you have the my volts power supply with an angled cable in the quad cortex ?
And where did you find the violet plugs in the unused holes ?

I have two plugs, one from my volts psu and one from the mission which I swap as required, the dust covers are available on ebay - JACKCAP GIG READY 6.3mm 1/4in XLR Dust Plug Cover Audio Keyboard Mixer JACK CAP | eBay

Ok that makes sense :wink:
And thanks for the dust covers link ! ! !

Using a Metro 16 as pedalboard, perfectly fits the QC and my HoTone SoulPress II.
All powered by the Cioks DC7, just so I can use a regular power plug, rather than the PSU that was included with the QC.

Weighs in at just about 3,89 kgs (8 1/2 lbs) and still fits comfortably into the same backpack I also have my laptop in.

SoulPress II is connected to either work as a standalone Wah/Volume or as expression pedal, which is done mainly because I do not like the Wahs that are in the QC at the moment.