What kind of pedalboard are you guys using?

How do you attach Mission pedal / Dunlop wah to Temple Audio board?
Looking at your photos I see some of you using Temple Audio plates, however how then you are dealing with screws? Screws holding feets are sticking out when you remove feets, so the pedal is higher and it seems not possible to attach plate.

this is mine … “custom-size” Templeaudio duo 17 (13.5x12.5") that I had already lying down.
I added a couple of DIY junction boxes for pre/post QC loops, external pedal insert between the wireless and the QC. Nothing fancy but it does the job. I pair it with a mission control expression pedal for volume / wah duties

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Nice! I thought about shorten a Temple Board as well. How did you cut the metal?


I just used a normal metal saw :smiley:

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Rockboard Tres 3.1 with a MOD 2 patchbay. Please don’t ask for the underneath, hah it’s embarrassing at the moment. Can’t wait for 'verbs on the QC to get better so I can eject the BigSky and free up space for a MC6 Pro.

Anyone got any suggestions for an alternate carry case for the Rockboard stuff? Their included ones do not inspire any sort of confidence.

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How good does the wireless receiver work underneath the board? I would imagine that you loose a lot of range / loose some transmission quality when almost encapsulating your wireless receiver with thick metal sheets (your board) on almost all sides except the small gabs between your board and the ground :thinking:

Hey David … I actually never had a problem with the GLX one (including the last 2 gigs).
But good point, let me try moving myself as far as possible before the signal drop tonight and report back.

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I have the same DVP3 but when I connect TRS cable , the gauge goes to 100% and do not move anymore. any help? tks

@DavidRSTV - I’ve walked around the practice place we rehearsal yesterday evening and no drop whatsoever so I guess the receiver being under the board does not get impacted at all! :smiley:

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Schmidt Array SA450

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Nice rig! Working on the same pedalboard right now; how do you fix the QC on the Metro: 3M Dual Lock?

Here is my initial setup I am working on now. PedalTrain 1 board with a CIOKS DC7 and the Crux power supply. I also have a Keeley Compressor pedal I need to get from my worship leader this week. I may add a tuner just because I don’t like the one in the QC. I have not set anything in stone. I am happy with the sound. I have the Halo and the Cloudburst running through the effects loops. The AT Mod is running into input 1.

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Rockboard 4.1 ans currently on working to integrate this console in m’y sound, I Can use all plugin it’s a windows computer


Is that a nintendo switch at the top? If so, how does that play into things?**

It’s windows pc into consol format, so I use Reaper and multiple vst like gojira, rabae, guitare rig, etc…

What is the signal path for this?

In fact I have multiple path depending on what effect I use in Reaper.
Basicaly I have 5 scene.

  • 1/ -No pre effect + post effect with mix : guitar direct into the capture and go to output 3 to return fx of my amp + parallele path after the capture to go into reaper to use reverb, delay (effect with some mix sound)
  • 2/ - No pre effect + post effect 100% mix : guitar direct into the capture mute the ouput 3 + paralle path for effect that need 100% mix
  • 3/ pre effect + post effect with mix : same as 1 but the path go into reaper for pre effect, like fuzz, whammy, wha from VST like Rabae, gojira…
  • 4/ pre effect + 100% mix post effect
  • 5/ mute Quad cortex : use whan I want to use full Gojira/Rabae VST

For controlling everything I have develop an application that use QC as input midi message, but I can now control much more parameter inside Reaper.

I will share my preset if you want to see exactly how it’s done

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Yes, I would love to see your preset!
Your application sounds interesting: which language did you use to code it?

What physical connections are going into and out of the oneexplayer? Is it just USB? Or are there audio connections also?
Also, why did you decide to use the OneExPlayer instead of the One-Notebook A1, for example?