What device would I get to listen with headphones to my QC and Receiver at the same time?

Here is a simple solution I found where I can bypass the USB cord and the weird noises that go with it. I bought this and it works great. 40% off right now. It is a powered 4 channel mixer. I can get my source audio from my iMac and plug my guitar from my QC into it and listen with my headphones. So I am a happy camper. Here is the link if you want to get a mixer with no need to deal with a DAW.

Hello everyone,
I have tried in vain to get a good sound/mix on my headphones. When combining my Jamtracks from my iMac via USB and guitar to play along with songs it is not a good sound. My headphones don’t get loud enough and my signal from my iMac makes all kinds of weird sounds. (In another post earlier this year).

So I am thinking of bypassing the USB cable altogether and finding a headphone amplifier of some kind that I can plug into my QC and my Stereo Receiver for a simultaneous signal from both at the same time. Does anyone know what device would do this? I appreciate your input as always. Thanks. --Brian.

I have been doing some research… Am I on the right track to just find a Mixer… even like the kind a DJ would use? Is there a mixer you know of that is only two or four channels that takes a 1/4" input TRS cable? I am looking to just plug a cable from both devices into the back and mix the signal into my headphones…

Something like this: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MacroMix--art-macromix-4-channel-personal-mixer
Should work. Take outputs 3/4 from the QC.
Unfortunately it looks like anything much cheaper doesn’t have an actual headphone out. There’s one that’s half this price but I don’t think the output is designed for headphones.

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Thanks man, I have spent all morning racking my brain trying to find something that will work. I am checking it out now.

Did you try running the receiver into the QC? Or are you saying the QC headphone level is too low to make that worth trying? (Or your inputs might all be in use, I suppose)

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Duh… No, I did not think of that at all! Yes, bypass the USB to my iMac! Xush you are great. Would it be as simple as running a TRS cable from my headphone jack on my receiver to the input on my QC? Regarding headphone volume levels they are not great but I can hear them okay. So this could be my simplest solution. I appreciate your feedback immensely.

On the subject of headphone amplification… do you recommend any specific headphone dac/amplifier if someone does need more volume?

The only thing I wasn’t sure of was what outputs would be involved from your stereo receiver. The Heaphone out would probably require an adapter from its stereo jack to 2 inputs on the QC (since they aren’t stereo) so that would take up 2 QC ins. Are there other outputs? Seems like receivers usually have RCA and not 1/4 instrument-style outs. A dual RCA to 1/4 cable would do the trick in that case.
Seems like whatever you do, that route would take 2 inputs on the QC.

Personally, I use an outboard mixer setup. I use a bigger model than necessary, but I’ve got several other interfaces and devices merging at my recording setup in the studio. Some of the smaller units these days are REALLY nice and would do the trick. I would probably choose a mixer over a headphone amp unless you want to run multiple HPs; a mixer gives you more options and could possibly have other uses too. I like any small mixer with sliders, but that’s just more of a personal preference. There are several in the same price range as basic HP amps.

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Great… and yes you are right about the inputs… I would like stereo for my headphones so the mixer looks like the way for me to go. Thanks again my friend. I really appreciate your prompt help. It means a lot.

Just one more question (Columbo voice)… Does the Mackie Mix 5 add any volume to the headphones beyond what we are normally getting from the QC? If not any recommendations for a good DAC/Amp for my desktop? I don’t mind buying that too. I just ordered the Mackie5 from Amazon and will have it tomorrow.

Oh no! I hope you like it-I was just kinda throwing out the cheapest example I could find of what I was talking about. My fault- I’ll reimburse you if you hate it!

Not sure that it’ll increase your HP level, but as it’ll now have at least 2 other points in the signal path to turn it up there’s a good chance it will.

The only other separate amp I have is a Schiit preamp for my phono connection to my stereo, don’t think that’d help here.
I’ve used various headphone splitter units in the studio over the years, they all seemed pretty comparable.

No worries! It’s Amazon! But seriously I think
This will do. The real problem is how lousy my playing is! I think I have gotten WORSE! :crazy_face::guitar::crazy_face:

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I have come to appreciate that “tweaking” doesn’t equal “practicing” and have tried to act accordingly. Being a gear-head has often been detrimental to my playing, I think.

That said though, I’ll bet you’ll have one of those “look at me go!” days next to offset your mood today. I find it just varies day-to-day.

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I run two outputs of the QC into my Tascam Console. Then I run the Tascam’s headphone output to the input on an Art HeadphoneAmp 4 Pro.

Works great!

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how’d this turn out?

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Hey man, Thanks for asking. I ended up buying this for less than 20.00 and it works great. No need for any interface with the computer at all. Running my Audio from my iMac through one channel and a stereo Y cable into the other. Sounds fantastic! I always appreciate any time you interact with me here.

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wow, now that’s a deal!
Glad you found a simple solution.

Always a pleasure!

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I am thinking of buying a second one, just to keep around!