Use as a multichannel mixer?

I think this may be possible, but wanted to check before placing my deposit: can 4 different inputs be processed differently, such that it can be used effectively as a 4 channel mixer?

XLR vocal microphone input
XLR acoustic guitar input - ditto
Acoustic or electric guitar pickup 1
Acoustic guitar pickup 2 / bass / further electric guitar

Each with, say, different effects (say, compression, eq, reverb, impulses and amps on the electric guitars/bass only etc)?

I guess a related issue is that the gain on inputs 3 and 4 may not be configurable in terms of impedence…(?)


For what I understand is that it is possible to have 4 seperate signal paths. For me that is an input and an ouptut , and of course everything in between… And if you work mono!