Most convenient setting for aux in?

I will mostly use my QC for home practice. Want wold be the most convenient way of mixing my backing tracks, Drum loops etc mixed with what im playing. I guess I can use USB sound from the computer? or using one of the instrument inputs or return 1/4" (are they stereo or mono)?
any thought on this is appreciated

Running the QC through usb would be the best way. It also makes re amping much easier as the usb is already plugged in. Usb audio is 8 in/ 8 out so you will have a lot of options on the QC input/ output settings.

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OK that sounds good, but if I want to connect analog or iPhone/iPad (old versions with headphone jack) are the input stereo or do I need to use two inputs?

Inputs on the QC are mono, so you need to use two of them with a split cable.
Here is how Doug has been using it.