Whammy changing sound the signal for 0 semi-tones

CorOS Version: 1.1.0

Describe your issue:

When configuring Whammy effect, depending on what I want to achieve, that either the heel or the toe is the original signal, and engaging the expression pedal triggers the increase or decrease of the pitch to the amount desired.

The issue is that when setting 0 semitones for one of either positions (toe or heel), the signal is still being altered by the whammy algorithm.

The expected behavior was that at 0 semitones the signal would be the same as having the effect bypassed.

I tried to recreate your issue and set my mix @ 0 to 100%, heel pitch1 & 2 @ 0 sem, toe pitch1 & 2 @ 0 sem and blend at 0 to 100% and I hear no discernable difference between tones as expected. I can even bypass the wham effect set as above and still don’t hear any discernable difference between tones as expected. For reference, I am using a Moog EP-3 EP assigned to ‘PEDAL’ in the wham effect as an example.