Whammy pitch down

Is there a way to get the whammy to pitch down? For example pedal toe down is at normal pitch. Pedal heel back is down perfect fifth.

Yeah. The whammy block allows two toe position pitches and two heel position pitches.

To achieve what you need you would set both toe positions to 0 and then on the heel position you would put -7.

Keep in mind that this would only pitch shift down 7 semitones, not 5 scale degrees. To achieve intervals in a specific key you can use the multivoicer and assign a specific key to it.

The ‘Wham’ block on the QC uses semintones in the Toe and Heel parameters, so for a perfect 5th wouldn’t you use -7 for the heel setting? Assume this is a simple setup where the Wham block’s ‘Pedal’ parameter is assigned to the expression pedal.

Are you able to get more “intelligent” Whammy type pitch shift effects out of the Minivoicer block, or in combination with the Wham block? If so, very cool, please elaborate. The trick would seem to be getting the microintervals like a Wham block does.

thanks for the advise. but i maybe doing some step wrong. do we set both heel position to -5 or -7?

How do we need to configure the expression pedal?

@HonestOpinion is correct about the -7 semitones (my apologies). And you are correct in that within the Wham settings you have to assign an Expression Pedal to the “Pedal” setting (I think it’s called that). You can assign this by selecting the menu within the block > tap “Assign Expression Pedal” > select the “Pedal” parameter > Make the range 0 - 100%.

Minivoicer would only be suitable if you’re looking for a pitch effect without the Whammy sweep unfortunately. I use Minivoicer as a tap on, tap off effect for specific notes I need it for. I have experimented with placing a Wham infront to get the “sweep” but the pitch tracking of the Minivoicer can’t handle it.

@Brusky - The Toe 2 & Heel 2 parameters are blended in to Toe 1 & Heel 1 using the blend knob. Eg. If Heel 1 is -12 and Heel 2 is -24, you can then blend the -24 parameter into the -12.

@joshcarter thank you i finally figured out. i had to many parameters assigned to the expression pedal. After i removed all the other assignments except for expression pedal this works correctly as you have described. :slightly_smiling_face:

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