Wah expression bypass in heel position

CorOS Version: 1.1

Describe your issue:
I setup a Wah with an expression pedal (Dunlop dvp5 8). Set it to bypass on Toe-heel position. And it only works, that is, it only bypasses if the expression pedal is in its Heel position. It won’t work if I invert it to bypass in the Toe position.

The issue is that when moving from this preset to another preset, where that expression pedal is used for a different purpose, like a volume, likely it’d be in the heel position (wah bypassed), to a zero volume in the new preset.

I’d expect that we could chose which position (heel or toe) is what activates the bypassing.

I’m wondering if your EP (or TRS cable) is possibly defective. Unfortunately I can’t recreate this issue either as it works as its designed. I assigned my Moog EP-3 to a whah block and first tested bypass using heel then toe and both work as expected. I assigned and testing using a Buddah Whah, bypass on heel then toe, bypass delay is set to default at 600ms and latch emulation is off.