Need help with Whammy settings

I’ve been trying to create some presets for songs my band does, and doing my best to re-create the guitar tones of the songs. Having trouble with the Whammy settings tho. I can’t figure out how to get a nice smooth sound if using the pedal sorta fast. If I use it slow, the pitch ascends and descends in pitch nice and smooth, but if I move it fast, there is a very clear audible “stepping” of the notes up and down.
See here for an example - pardon my sloppy playing.

Can anyone help with what settings I need to change, or is this a limitation of the quad cortex?


Figured it out. Had the expression pedal set to the wrong parameter. Stupid mistake.

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Hey there how did you figure this out? I’m having the same problem.

Well, in my case, I had assigned to expression pedal to “toe pitch” instead of assigning it to “pedal”. That switch fixed everything for me.

@djeans thanks for the tip that works great!!!