Weird noise when pitch shifting

Hey everyone! Kinda need some help. I’m trying to play selenium forest, and i gotta downtune my guitar with -1 semitone, E->Eb. For that I’m using archetype gojira, just like in this video (Downtune Your Guitar With A Plugin - YouTube). Basically on high notes I’m getting a combination of the natural sound of the note combined with the downtuned note, very robotic so to say. Is this issue about the volume? About the way I’m putting my plugins in the signal chain? Anyone has any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Check to make sure the mix on the whammy pedal is set to 100% wet. If you’re using the presets from the video, they’re not quite at 100% (unless an updated set has been uploaded again). You should also make sure you don’t have direct monitoring enabled on your interface. If either of these don’t take care of the issue, please email for further assistance.