Guitar Noise


There is a noise with Archetype Gojira:

I’m using Cubase 12 Pro with plugins (mostly Archetype Gojira, but the problem occurs with other plugins as well not just Neural DSP’s), and a Behringer UMC22. If I set the noise gate too high, the noise is gone, but the sound of the guitar is pretty weak.

I think the noise doesn’t come from neck or bridge. I use FretWrap, but I put a tape to the bridge and the noise was still there. The strange thing is that I have two guitars and the noise can be heard with both.

I have an LTD EC-256 with Seymour Duncan Pegasus Sentient pickups and a Jackson JS32Q.

Do you have any idea what causes the noise or what should I check?

Thank you in advance!

Please email with the information in this post and they can assist in troubleshooting. Thanks!

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I had similar issues in the past and here the solution for me:
Neural DSP amps are very sensitive so you should provide to them a very weak input signal.

Keep check of the input level of your DI’s loudest played signal. (ideally, your loudest signal should read somewhere between -14 dB to -12 dB). You can find this in the meter of your Interface’s software, or even in your DAW before you load up any plugins on your guitar track.

- PLEASE NOTE: TOO strong is NOT good

If the DI is coming in too hot, it will not give the desired results working with any sort of amp sim, and in fact will have a much higher noise floor, will sound mushy and soaked in undesired digital artefacts.

While making sure that your loudest playing is well under the GREEN range. and then you can always dial it down or up using the global input knob on the suites themselves. These values below are not set in stone, but are a good range of where you want your signal to be peaking at:

+ Regular (dynamic) playing: -14 to -12dB

+ Most aggressively possible (within the bounds of reason): -8dB