Guitar Noise


There is a noise with Archetype Gojira:

I’m using Cubase 12 Pro with plugins (mostly Archetype Gojira, but the problem occurs with other plugins as well not just Neural DSP’s), and a Behringer UMC22. If I set the noise gate too high, the noise is gone, but the sound of the guitar is pretty weak.

I think the noise doesn’t come from neck or bridge. I use FretWrap, but I put a tape to the bridge and the noise was still there. The strange thing is that I have two guitars and the noise can be heard with both.

I have an LTD EC-256 with Seymour Duncan Pegasus Sentient pickups and a Jackson JS32Q.

Do you have any idea what causes the noise or what should I check?

Thank you in advance!

Please email with the information in this post and they can assist in troubleshooting. Thanks!

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