Use the volume nob on guitar - sound cuts fast

Hello. When I roll back the volume nob of my guitar the note is ringing only a moment and cuts fast. Especially when I hit the strings only slightly. The noise gate is almost about 86. It sounds weird and feels not natural to me. With the volume nob all up it works perfect. Any ideas on this. Thanks!

Hello @miasei. Does it happen the same if you disable the noise gate? The gate will always cut the signal if it’s under a certain threshold.

I checked this and when I turn off the Noise Gate it is gone. But when I set the Noise Gate at -89.9 and I turn down the volume nob half way, the tone appears like you do a volume sweep and it cuts fast when you slightly hit the strings. I tried this in Archetype Nolly and didn’t get anything like this. Here I can play dynamicly almost when I set the Noise Gate at -80 or so. I can pull down the volume nob on the guitar almost to zero and don’t get this weird cut.

this might bee obvious, but do you use the latest version ?
(click on the ‘Neural DSP’ on the top right corner to see the release info of the plugin)
the original version had some issues but it all of these were sorted with the update.

It should be the newest version, because I downloaded it two weeks ago. And it’s the version with the tuner which wasn’t in the first version I think. With the Archetype Nolly there’s no problem. It seems to be the Noise Gate.

i see.
do you use the compressor and/or overdrive with the Plini?
if you use these, have you tried to turn these off to see if that solve the issue? You could try to adjust the threshold/gain perhaps?

Thanks. I tried almost all setting and it’s still there. Another guitar with the same result. When I check it in clean amp mode, I notice that the input level falls drastically off when I slightly turn the volume nob. But this feeling can be caused by the Noise Gate. Not the same in Nolly. :frowning:

This doesn’t answer my previous question.
Try to turn off the compressor. Or even better, bypass the whole pedal section just for a test.
I can’t think anything else than the compressor.

Compressor off. Section off. Only Amp and Cab Section on. The same problem.

Strange. I’ve just tested it:
all Plini, NTS and Nameless are fine. However, the high-gain amps (NTS, Nameless and Plini’s amp 3 - black) on higher gain settings behave differently, obviously.

you said:
“When I check it in clean amp mode, I notice that the input level falls drastically off when I slightly turn the volume nob”
this means to me that the input signal drops which is before the noise gate.
Any chance that your cable, or guitar’s output jack socket or something similar has some issues instead? And it caused issues strangely only when you tried this with Plini? Like when you switched to Nolly to test it you moved the cable slightly so it was working properly etc etc.
(this would not be the first time if something like this happened)

Thanks for the test. But I checked everything twice. The Input Level is right. I didn’t change any cable and they are fine. Tested it with my ax8. The drop of level is caused by the Noise Gate I believe. When I hit a note very slightly with pulled down nob the gate opens but very slow. The Noise Gate on Nolly does this when I go about -75 or lower. The Plini is almost open set to -89. It’s strange.

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