Help me find out why my Archetype Gojira sounds bad :( (clips included)

Hi guys! I’ve never been able to get a nice sound out of Vst plugins. I had a really cheap lexicon audio interface until yesterday so I thought that was the reason why amplitube, guitar rig, bias Fx sounded weird. it always sounded really bad so I got a focusrite scarlet solo 3rd gen yesterday and I tried the Gojira one out and still the same… really bad sound quality, extreme digital, no definition and some weird hiss. My 20 yo Line 6 POD 2.0 sounds far better than every plugin I’ve tried so there’s something weird.
My guitar is a 90’s Kramer with seymor duncan pickups, the cable is decent but I already tried with another 2 cables and my pc is good enough. I also checked the input and clipping so I have genuinely no idea what it is. Please help me because it sounds nowhere near close to videos of people playing on YouTube (and no, they are not overprocessing I’m just talking about playthrough nothing like a song).

I also selected the Focusrite ASIO driver so idk. Ahhhh!

Riff dist: Dropbox - Riff dist.mp3 - Simplify your life
Lead dist: Dropbox - lead.mp3 - Simplify your life

You’re free to chat with others here to troubleshoot, but I recommend sending this information and your clips to so they can help you get this resolved.