Archetype Petrucci - Transponser Problem


Just downloaded the 14 day trial and I am having a problem with the transponser.

With the transponser active I hear my guitar twice - the downtuned one and the E Standard one.
Maybe you guys have an Idea how to fix that.

I am using the Focusrite scarlett 2i2 as audio interface - Direct monitoring is set off
and Reaper as my DAW (problem occurs in standalone aswell)

Thanks in advance

Have you used down tuning before in a plugin? Unless you have it loud in monitors or headphones, it’s often very easy to hear your strings acoustically.

If you record a take in Reaper and playback, does it sound ok?

Never used down tuning in another plugin.
Its not me hearing the strings acoustically - tried it with headphones and so on aswell.

When I record it and let it play it sounds right.

I guess it´s not the plugin maybe some wrong main settings for sound or whatever

Do you have your audio settings set to listen or your DAW is playing it passthrough. Sometimes you can hear the passthrough in the PC settings, or DAW settings. Like Riek said because you are hearing the guitar’s passthrough at a different tuning it’s more noticeable acoustically. Possibly another track. Maybe test it on a blank mix with 1 track to make sure.

Sometimes I have to mute it in the Sapphire Control Panel.

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@Xylophone - Hey! We get this fairly often and 9/10 times it was the acoustic bleed that was still being heard when playing.

If you record a track and play it back do you still hear the E standard guitar?

If you’re still having issues please email


If I record a track and play it back it is completely fine.
I already tried it with the volume loud as fridge and headphones but I dont hear my guitar acoustically I hear it through the headphones.

I guess I´ll just wait until someone has an Idea.

Thank you all

Please email they will be able to assist you.