Weird midi/scene thing

So I have a strange issue that I still can’t figure out. I use the QC with a line 6 powercab and the QC switches speaker emulations very well. For some reason on a couple of presets I hit button f to turn on say a chorus but it switches the powercab to FRFR mode. I take an effect block off f and it still does it. It is like there is a scene attached to it but I can’t find anything. I tried moving scene f and it is still there. I deleted the preset and rebuilt it and it showed up on another preset. If it is somehow attached to a scene, is there a way to delete the scene? On Line 6 products there is a command center and I can see what each footswitch is assigned to. Does the QC have something like that? I would like to see what it is assigned to and delete it but I don’t see where it is assigned to anything. I also looked at the midi section and it says that the preset will switch me to PC #11 which it does. However, when I hit that F switch it goes to something else. Is it haunted?