Issue with Scenes

I’d like to throw this issue down here and see if anyone else has seen this before I submit it to Dsp support.
The issue is with “Scenes” but let me first let me explain what I’m doing. Because of the QC’s lack of fully-developed midi control, I am using a Morningstar MC8 to control as much as I can via midi. I basically use the MC to change between scenes but after I change to my desired scene I issue a midi command to place the QC into stomp mode so I can turn blocks on/off when I need them. I have 3 different scene layouts I use for my guitar tones:

  1. Clean
  2. Overdrive
  3. Lead

Pretty straightforward but here’s the rub…when I’m in scene 2 and turn on say…the compressor, it will STAY ON when I switch to scene 3 (and vice-versa). However, if I switch to scene 1 it (or any other blocks I turn on) will turn off and I’ll have my initial programmed scene. All commands coming from the MC are EXACTLY the same other than the cc’s to change the different scenes. IF I were to do this w/the FM9 I would just use the “scene revert” function but…alas…we wait for the QC to catch up!
I DO love my QC and I am trying wholeheartedly to be patient but I begin to get frustrated when DSP continues to market plugins etc. and leaves their user base requesting basic things.

Sounds like a complicate setup. try shooting an email to the support team and see if they can’t send you in the right direction.