SCENE changes via Logic

Hey people,

i am super frustrated and hope anyone can help:
we run a backing track for our live gigs in logic. To prevent any pedal dancing during our shows i want to automate everything so i can just keep the QC in the rack and focus on playing. Unfortunately i cant get this to work.
When using Preset Mode, i can send MIDI to the QC and change the Preset but i will have a noticeable audio dropoff, so i switched everything up to Scenes Mode.
Now i run in the problem that i cant control Scenes because when i set the Value to 0-7 it will not change the Scene but the Preset (1A to 2A and not 1A to 1B f.e) , even though im in Scene Mode.

I hope anyone can help, thank you guys very much in advance!

Not currently using a MIDI pedal with my QC so I am just basing this off the manual. You didn’t mention it in your post. Are you also sending CC# 43?

Per the manual:
“CC# 43 Value 0-7 Scene select (A-H)”

Can confirm, use CC 43, values 0-7. It works.

Hey Peeps,

thank you very much for clearing it up. Now i got it.
You just have to make sure you use ‘Progr. Changes’ for setting the Preset and ‘Controller’ to pick the right scene in Logic - otherwise it wont work.