Thanks to the MIDI hackers

I can’t find the post that planted the seed but thanks to the forum members who helped me solve my #1 (of very few) beef(s) with the Quad Cortex.

I wanted to use my MIDI controller to turn blocks off and on while in Preset or Scenes mode. This currently cannot be done with the QC.

Thanks to that mystery post, I figured out that the simple workaround is to program each MIDI switch to send two extra CC messages. First one sets the QC to Stomp mode (47/2), the second one sends the chosen Stomp command and a third cc message (47/0) sets the QC back to Preset mode…BRILLIANT! And it all happens much faster than I would have guessed from a single button push.

Sorry that I can’t find the post to give thanks directly but it took me a couple of weeks to get time to try it. This slick hack will make gig life much, MUCH easier.

Thank you, fellow Cortexians!


Hey Pete, it MAY have been my post you were referring to as that’s exactly what I’m doing and have been for a while. I’m still enjoying my QC but continue to be frustrated by the slow (read “no”) progress on midi control. Midi switching between scene and stomp is really the only way I’ve found to get any flexibility. I’m happy to hear you found the post (from whomever) and it’s working for you.
Onward and upwards! Midi-hackers unite!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well then, a big thanks to you, B.B.! It’s such an elegantly simple solution, I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it.

Thanks for wearing the thinking cap.