Handling on stage

Hey guys!
We know QC has audio gap when use preset change ,even use scene mode,we need to use preset change for move to next 8 scenes.

So,how do you guys think about this thing?
I think QC needs spillover type preset changing if it makes latency.still better than audio gap.
between song and song,I guess spillover can keeps energy but audio drop makes people "??accident??"feeling.

Actually Scene Mode is really powerfull more than kemper’s Performance Mode.(to me…)
But I think it’s impossible to use just 8 scenes (even combination with stomp mode)

Does anyone have good ideas to solve this QC’s handling issues?

Interested to see how many people would need more than 8 scenes in a song. I did my last gig with my Helix using only four snapshots on a single preset.

When Helix implemented preset spillover, it came at the price of losing half the processing power. Same with the Digitech 1101. Personally, I’d rather have more DSP available if I had to make a choice about gapless preset switching.


yeah,If I custom 8 scenes more flexible,the limit of 8 scenes must come during a show like over 10〜20songs concert.

I don’t wanna stop the sound by changing preset(this mean is next scene’s bank)

I’m using kemper and MFC101(fractal pedal) with custom MIDI message.
kemper’s performance mode has 5scenes and if I move to next page,it must have latency a little bit.but the sound never stop.
I don’t know it is kind of spillover or something like that.

I’m just wondering QC has 4cores so… is it too difficult thing???

actually my biggest preset has 8sound but still…

I still use the same method I did when I used pedals and a programmable looper, I have a preset per song and one scene per effect I need on a song, I’m used to work with only 4 “tones” per song so 8 will be more than enough

I also found ways to take advantage of the huge processing power to have a lot of blocks on the same path and just turn them on and off to go for completely different tone with the same preset

yeah man I agree.
It is one of the way to manage sound on 8 scenes that like real amp and stomp boxes.
but I usually set actual song’s tempo and every deferent characterize delay, rotary,chorus,etc for each songs.
I think all other similar gear can do this handling.

I just hope neural company solves this in the nearly future,because the sound so good to me and so stoked to use on the stage.