Wah is activated when you plugg of your Expression Pedal

CorOS Version: 1.1

I have a preset with a wah block. I have it set up with Bypass and expression pedal is connected via Exp. 1.

The preset was saved with bypassed Expression Pedal setting. So wah is Off.

When you disconect the Expression Pedal the wah is on. I expect that the wah is off. But it’s on. So you cant use the QC without a connected Expression Pedal anymore.

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I use Dunlop DVP-5. Everything and also the Bypass function works great.

The problem only occurs when I physically remove the expression pedal.

I don’t want to take my expression pedal with me to every music rehearsal. So it would be nice if the wah block stays bypassed when no pedal is connected.

Good point though, it probably isn’t a bug but something they should be able to solve with firmware.
Actually its a great point, I don’t want to have to go in every patch that has wah and disable / re-enable that block either so its getting a vote! Thanks for clarifying!

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A similar thing happens when you use an expression pedal as a volume pedal at the output stage if you unplug it, the volume is all the way down. You would expect the qc to notice the pedal is missing and not affect the signal path. So yes the wah should be bypassed when the expression pedal is removed. Scb

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