VSTi mode : Programing preset changes

Hey everyone !

I’m using Plini in my DAW (Reaper) and thinking about replacing my AX8 in my live setup with it.
I usually send Midi CC to my AX8 from Reaper to control the Patches/Scenes/Effects.

I’ve looked into Plini Vsti and found everything I could control with Midi messages (drive, EQ, etc etc) but NOT how to change presets with Midi CC/PC. Does anyone know how I can program patch changes with the VSTi version ?

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Hello @Fab. MIDI support will be available in the upcoming update of Archetype: Plini. With this feature, you will be able to change presets through CC/PC.

Hi Gonzalo,
Thanks for the answer.

Any ETA for the update ? Not that I’m impatient, just to know if I will be able to use Plini during my next live sessions (end of March)

The update is currently in beta test. It should be ready before March.


I asked about the Nolly update… they told me it should have came out weeks ago… so I went and bought a boss gt1000… I have no confidence in any date for the updates… they even seemed kinda of rude and very dismissive when I asked about… so I said screw it, I’m not waiting and hoping anymore and moved on

Ouch… I really hope it’s not the case here. My Ax8 will be sold this week and gigs are coming.

@heyjthirty3 I’m sorry for the delay on the updates, there were some issues that came out along the way and needed to be fixed.

The update is definitely coming before March though. We’ll notify everyone when it’s ready.

Just checking on this as well. I would like to use Plini live and change presets via MIDI. How will this be announced when ready? I see you said it should be before March.

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There should be a new thread in the Archetype: Plini category when the update is ready. I will also let you know in this thread.

Hello, I take the liberty with my bad English to add a question to this thread since we’re talking about updates.
Is it planned to switch plini to vst3?
That’s the reason why I haven’t bought it yet, because on my pc it gets stuck as soon as I put several tracks on my Fl Studio whereas with Nolly and Abasi it’s good.

Thanks for your feedback :smile:


Yes, the new version will include VST3.


Would it be possible to see a summary change log for the forthcoming patch? So far I know we’re getting vst3 version, new noisegate, tuner, midi, and various tweaks / bug fixes. Are there any other improvements / changes worthy of note? :beer:

The full changelog will be available on the download page, but that’s a pretty good summary of the changes.

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Ok March is tomorrow, when is the update coming?

It’s getting quite frustrating to see new plugins coming every other week with all the functionalities that are supposed to come in this update. The last update was in may 2019, it’s been 9 months.

My guess is you have only a small dev team and you’d rather work on new products like the quad cortex or new plug ins rather than on customer support, but you need to keep in mind that by ignoring the people who purchased one product with the promise of coming updates you can lose their trust altogether.

Like, really, midi functionalities is expected for any finished pro plug-in, and there are still some bugs in the build.

It’s been 9 months, in the meantime you’ve released 4 new products.

You seriously need to hire some people if you want to keep making as many new products while still supporting past releases…


Exactly my thought about this!
Looks like they prefer pulling out new products than solidifying trust with current customers.

I wanted to pre-order the Quad Cortex but I’ll wait to see how it goes in the future.
Even if the features seems great, I’d prefer getting a FM3 and have the Fractal customer care than an unit that takes ages to get fixed.

PS : ils vont se dire que les francophones sont des clients exigeants, j’ai l’impression que nous sommes tous fr. :wink:


I totally agree with the previous comments. I hope that the time intervals between new updates will not be as long as this one. I suggest to not delivery other new products but support new updates for the existing one. Or maybe release a 2.0 version of an existing product with small extra cost required.

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Hello everyone. Unfortunately, we’re facing some issues with the Plini update. I know I said it should be ready before March, but sadly we will have to release it next week. It is a very small thing that still needs to be fixed and everything else is already done, but we would like to get it fixed before sending it to all of you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hi Gonzalo.
Ok thanks for the information.
I’ll wait for the next week impatiently, I have a lot of programming to do for the next live shows.

The update for Archetype: Plini was just released. You can find it here:

A clean install is recommended (Uninstall the previous version before installing the new one).

If you experience any issues, please contact support@neuraldsp.com.

Thank you guys for your patience.


Thank you guys for delivering the update, this really is a big improvement over the last version, I’ll finally be able to change presets during rehearsals :slight_smile: