MIDI Issues Archetype: Plini

Hey everyone,

Very happy with the Plini plugin. Thanks for that. I got it to work with my MIDI pedal, but there are 2 things happening which I would love to tackle.

1: when switching presets through MIDI, it sorts off cut off the sound for 0,5 seconds. There is no fluid transition between both tones. Is this a buffer size issue? Or does someone have an easy fix for this?

2: when switching to a tone with delay, the delay bends from a totally different note and slowly slides into the note it should be. I now turned my delay off and gave it a separate pedal to toggle it. Anyone else experiencing this?

Again: the whole MIDI part is working pretty good for me, I just wonder if there is a way to optimize this.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Are you running vst3? If so, try loading regular vst. I had some issues that solved, and my switching is pretty much instant.
  2. I’ve heard this happen before but only in standalone when going between different presets which each had different bpm values- so if that’s what you’re up to, make sure your preset bpm’s match otherwise you’ll get that weird shift effect


Thanks for your response. I use VST 2 indeed and I use it in a DAW. The tones sound good, but there is just this little .5 sec cut when switching. After that it’s all good.

I have to check if I have set the delay to bpm instead of ms and try to change that up. Thanks for that input! That didn’t even cross my mind.

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Yeah def check that out - make sure to check the delay pedals thoroughly to ensure one preset doesnt having timing set to daw clock, and the others not. I stumbled on that issue when demoing some factory presets using a looped DI and i heard this very reproducable craaaazy pitch shift when the presets switched - and that’s what caused it. Time based fx don’t play nice when you change the time signature with active audio passing thru.

Another thought for troubleshooting your switching delay is to add a midi item in your daw and route the midi output to your active track with plini loaded - and program some pc / cc commands in the midi item to try doing your preset changes that way instead of using your physical pedal. If you’re seeing lightning fast switching that way (which you absolutely should), perhaps the delay lies in the pedal / usb midi converter etc. If you’re seeing high latency making the midi changes as I suggest - I would maybe think there’s a hardware issue or maybe an optimization missing.

I was literally just doing this last night using plini for a cover I’m jamming to and the switches are basically instant and flawless. If your rig is fast enough to run multiple simultaneous neural instances at low latency - my thought is the delay when switching presets relates to your pedal, and not the plugin / pc itself. Food for thought.

Hey @Dutchrocker

Have you sorted out your issue with the .5 sec cut? I’m facing the same issue with the Gojira plugin.

I’m changing the preset through MIDI automation in my DAW (Reaper) and I’m dealing with this annoying cut as well. I’m currently using the regular VST.

I’m also having the audio cut problem whenever an automation is used and is monitored live, any solutions to it? I think I have tried almost everything in my short knowledge

I just got Archetyp Nolly and want to use it in Standalone Mode with a MIDI pedal… but I‘m experiencing the same cut out while switching presets. Is there a solution? Was hoping to replace my Helix at home, but this would make it useless for me.