Midi Pc Plini in Reaper

Hi, i have the archetype plini, and i try to use Midi PC to change presets and plini doesn’t work,doesn’t produce any change.

what I do is in the guitar track I activate the VST : ReaControlMidi in bank/program Select activate eneable same for Control Change.
Finaly, I add a new Midi element from insert and at the moment that I need put the PC comand.

I did this whit Bias FX and it works perfectly, but nothing happens whit Plini some Help Please.

PS: I’m thinking in buying the Behringer FCB1010 to control the preset change somebody knows if this works.

thanks (sorry for the inglish)

Problem solved use the VST version of the plugin the VST3 do not work.

FCB1010 works for me without any issues.

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